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March 03/31/17 - Friday
  • The MASS CONNection: featuring One Ton Tommy Gun, Values, The Green Invaders, Left Hand backwards, and Cyperna at Cherry Street Station (Wallingford, CT).
  • United Level Sound Presents: Sonic Supercharger 66, Farmertan, Almost Metal, Honch, and Slim Francis at Cook's Cafe (Naugatuck, CT).
  • In the Red & King Kuel at Gibson's Bar and Grill (East Windsor, CT).

April  04/01/17 - Saturday
  • Agrippa's Annual Bash featuring Agrippa93 with Special Guests Sever the Drama, Within the Abyss, Black Market Uterus, and Cello Performance by Jessie May of Alternative Control at Cherry Street Station (Wallingford, CT).
  • Our Own Destruction, Head Wrench, and Over the Line! at Cook's Cafe (Naugatuck, CT).
  • The Darkroom Presents: Epicenter with I Have No Eyes, and Cosmic Bong Destroyer at Bleacher's Bar (Bristol, CT).
  • Awaken the Madness and 5lb Sledge at Scottish Dave's Pub (Clinton, CT).
  • Child of the Storm at Main Street Tavern (Stratford, CT).
04/04/17 - Tuesday
  • Welcomes: The Killthrax Tour featuring Killswich Engage & Anthrax with Special Guests The Devil Wears Prada, and Jasta at The Dome at the Oakdale (Wallingford, CT).
  • Xenosis with Special Guests The Shape, and Replacire at Pacific Standard Tavern (New Haven, CT).
04/06/17 - Thursday
  • SCENE Productions Presents: Dead Earth Politics, VRSA, and Awaken the Madness at 33 Golden Street (New London, CT).
04/07/17 - Friday
  • Acius, Dream of Scipio, The Green Invaders, Don't Cross the Streams, and Venom Spreader at Cherry Street Station (Wallingford, CT).
  • SCENE Productions Presents: Let There Be Doom 2017: VRSA, When the Deadbolt Breaks, Holding on to Nothing, and Undercliff at Strange Brew Pub (Norwich, CT).
04/08/17 - Saturday
  • RISE OF THE UNDERGROUND: featuring Cross the Divide, Vision Within, Sirius Fades, Paragon Theorem, Vespera, and Falling Further at Cherry Street Station (Wallingford, CT).
  • United Level Sound Presents: Mortifica CD Release Show with Special Guests Continuum, Kayotik, and Kaos Reign at Cook's Cafe (Naugatuck, CT).
  • Wrathchild - Iron Maiden Tribute at Z's Corner Cafe (West Haven, CT).
04/14/17 - Friday
  • Tim "Ripper" Owens with Let Us Prey, Vengeance, and Ghost of War at Cherry Street Station (Wallingford, CT).
04/15/17 - Saturday
  • Casting Shadows, Falling Further, Within the Abyss, VRSA, and Vespera at Cook's Cafe (Naugatuck, CT).
04/18/17 - Tuesday
  • Ourselves, Alone, Canker Blossom, Sperm Donor, and DD at Cherry Street Station (Wallingford, CT).
04/21/17 - Friday
  • New England Metal & Hardcore Festival featuring Testament, Sepultura, Prong, Kublai Khan, and more at The Palladium (Worcester, MA).
  • Threatpoint with Special Guests Enemy of Reason, Awaken the Madness, Glass Divide, and Eden Will Burn at Cherry Street Station (Wallingford, CT).
  • In the Red, Sirius Fades, and Casting Shadows at Backroads Bar & Grill (Manchester, CT).
04/22/17 - Saturday
  • Buster, VRSA, Deathcode, and The Epitome at Zen Bar (Plainville, CT).
04/28/17 - Friday
  • THE DARKROOM PRESENTS: SPRING FEVER: Scalpel, Virus of Ideals, My Missing Half, and Imperium Mortis at Cook's Cafe (Naugatuck, CT).
04/29/17 - Saturday
  • NASTYFEST: Herman Von Roll's Final Ride featuring Nasty Disaster with Special Guests Eyes of the Dead, and Garbage Barge at Cherry Street Station (Wallingford, CT).
  • Anarchy Promotions Presents: Relay For Life Benefit Show featuring Soldiers of Solace, Fear the Masses, Owl Maker, Devil Inside, Diabolis, and Deathcode at Cook's Cafe (Naugatuck, CT).
  • S.C.E.N.E. Productions Presents: Buzzard Canyon, Kill the Straggler, Oxlord Forge, Casting Shadows, and Denim Panther at Pistol Pete's (Norwich, CT).
04/30/17 - Sunday
  • The Cryptics, Cry Havoc!, Dead City Riot, and Down With Rent at Cherry Street Station (Wallingford, CT).

May  05/05/17 - Friday
  • The Dark Room Presents: Problem with Dragons, Palaceburn, Bedroom Rehab Corporation, Holding on to Nothing, and Lobotamobile at Cherry Street Station (Wallingford, CT).
  • Everbody Hates Me with Special Guests Soldiers of Solace, Kings and Liars, and Insano Vision at Johnny B's Bar and Grill (Wolcott, CT).
05/06/17 - Saturday
  • SCENE Productions Presents: Acius, Continuum, Burning Beneath, I Have No Eyes, and Eden Will Burn at Altones Italian-American Restaurant & Bar (Jewett City, CT).
05/09/17- Tuesday
  • Amon Amarth and Goat Whore at College Street Music Hall (New Haven, CT).
05/12/17 - Friday
  • I within I - Official CD Release Show with Special Guests Left Hand Backwards, Texas Death Match, Composing the Apocolypse, and Nuclear Unicorn at Cherry Street Station (Walllingford, CT).
05/13/17 - Saturday
  • The Darkroom Presents: One Part Human, Hounds of Justice, Imperium Mortis, and Kill the Straggler at Cook's Cafe (Naugatuck, CT).
05/19/17 - Friday
  • MetalSucks Presents: The Obsessed with Karma to Burn, Lo-Pan, and Curse the Son at The Outer Space/The Ballroom (Hamden, CT).
05/20/17 - Saturday
  • Hartford Death Fest featuring Obituary, Cryptopsy, Bone Storm, Kayotik, Imperium Mortis, and more at The Webster (Hartford, CT).
  • United Level Sound Presents: Tester, Slip & Fall, Slim Francis, and Record Affair at Boru's Bar & Grill (Waterbury, CT).
05/25/17 - Friday
  • On My Six, Devil Inside, and Rose of Sharon at Cook's Cafe (Naugatuck, CT).
05/27/17 - Saturday
  • Kings and Liars, Model Decoy, and Chuggernaut, at Cafe nine (New Haven, CT).
05/28/17 - Sunday
  • United Level Sound Presents: Memorial Day Weekend...Outdoor Metal featuring Blacktooth - Ultimate Pantera Tribute, Tester, Insano Vision, Almost Metal, and Slim Francis at Cherry Street Station (Wallingford, CT).

June  06/01/17 - Thursday
  • at Cherry Street Station (Wallingford, CT).
06/02/17 - Friday
  • Kingsmen, Seven Spires, Crimsong, and Age of Embers at Cook's Cafe (Naugatuck, CT).
06/03/17 - Saturday
  • Sacred Oath with Special Guests Enemy Remains, and Last Pharaoh at Cook's Cafe (Naugatuck, CT).
06/10/17 - Saturday
  • No Honor Among Thieves & NEVER FIGHT ALONE MUSIC PRESENT: "Visions" CD Release Party featuring Sworn Enemy, Values, and Disease Party at Cherry Street Station (Wallingford, CT).
06/16/17 - Friday
  • KEYCHAIN Adakain, To Fear the Fall, and Lucid Empire at Cook's Cafe (Naugatuck, CT).
06/24/17 - Saturday
  • United Level Sound Presents: ALL DAY SUMMER PUNK featuring The Hempsteadys, Bad Lieutenants, BarRoom Heroes, DAMN BROADS, Rusty Things, Slip And Fall, Pat Stone & The Dirty Boots, The Blasphemy Boys, and Slim Francis at Cherry Street Station (Wallingford, CT).
  • SCENE Productions and Salt of the Earth Records Present: Dan Jackson's Birthday Extavaganza featuring Shadow Witch, Sorrowseed, Kill the Straggler, Casting Shadows, and Death Script at Altone's (Jewett City, CT).
06/30/17 - Friday
If you're in a CT Metal band and want your upcoming show listed, send an email to Metal Cyndicate.