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July  07/26/17 - Wednesday
  • Chuck Mosley formerly of Faith No More & Bad Brains Reintroduce Yourself 2017 at Cherry Street Station (Wallingford, CT).
07/28/17 - Friday
  • Half Dragon, Pinto Graham, and Holding on to Nothing at Cherry Street Station (Wallingford, CT).
  • huo, Good Game, Ourselves, Alone, and Dead Man Talking at MAC 650 (Middletown, CT).
  • United Level Sound Presents: November Party, Entierro, Another Days Armor, and Slim Francis at 33 Golden Street (New London, CT).
  • In the Red with Casting Shadows, and Virus of Ideals at Backroads Bar & Grill (Manchester, CT).
07/29/17 - Saturday
  • Savage World, Ruin It!, Honch, Bragging Rights, Rusty Things, and more at Cherry Street Station (Wallingford, CT).
  • Slothfest 2017: Easy Stud featuring When the Deadbolt Breaks, Entierro, Xenosis, Continuum, Deathcrown, Bone Storm, KAYOTIK, Disillusion Effect at Bleacher’s Bar (Bristol, CT).
  • Wicked Gypsies & Evil Twin at Backroad's Bar & Grill (Manchester, CT).

August  08/04/17 - Friday
  • DME Management & Monolithic Music Presents: The Shape "The World Away" Album Release Party and Dan's Birthday Luau! with Special Guests Continuum, Deafmute, Nuclear Unicorn, and Fear the Masses at Cherry Street Station (Wallingford, CT).
  • United Level Sound Presents: Blacktooth - Pantera Tribute, Tester, and I within I at Cook's Cafe (Naugatuck, CT).
  • Productive Member, Holding on to Nothing, and Denim Panther at 33 Golden Street (New London, CT).
08/05/17 - Saturday
  • Half Past My Sin, Paragon Theorem, Downward Spiral, and Sirius Fades at Bleacher's Bar & Grill (Bristol, CT).
  • A Tribute to Ray featuring Crossroads, Live Evil, Headwrench, and OVER the LINE! at Cook's Cafe (Naugatuck, CT).
08/10/17 - Thursday
  • United Level Sound Presents: Abrams and InAeona with Special Guests Entierro at Cherry Street Station (Wallingford, CT).
08/11/17 - Friday
  • S.C.E.N.E. Productions Presents: New England Metal Legends Matthias Steele with Special Guests Casting Shadows, Virus of Ideals, Psych Asylum, and Diabolis at Strange Brew Pub (Norwich, CT).
08/12/17 - Saturday
  • Celery Fest featuring Disease Party, Soul Conversion, Gadgets, Intercourse, Left Hand Backwards, Beat the Doll, Shots Fired, and Brainwash at Cherry Street Station (Wallingford, CT).
  • CONNECTICUT THROWDOWN featuring The Green Invaders, and more at Amity Teen Center (Woodbridge, CT).
08/18/17 - Friday
  • Dead Seas & Demon Chauffeur at Amity Teen Center (Woodbridge, CT).
08/19/17 - Saturday
  • Mindsnap Music, Ear One Productions, and Tru Entertainment Presents: AXEFEST 2017 featuring Raven & Dead By Wednesday with IKILLYA, LET US PREY, Apostasy, Cyperna, Disguise the Curse, Joey Concepcion, Risk All In Life, Nu M4chine, Diabolis, and Glass Divide at The Outer Space / The Ballroom (Hamden, CT).
  • S.C.E.N.E. Productions Presents: Continuum, Red Mantis, Resister, and Inverter at Altone's (Jewett City, CT).
  • Pinto Graham, 1-2 Punch, Slothpit, and Slim Francis at Johnny B's Bar & Grill (Wolcott, CT).
08/25/17 - Friday
  • Come To Grief with Sea of Bones, Curse the Son, and Stone Titan at Cherry Street Station (Wallingford, CT).
  • On Top, Lone Wolf James, Nomad, and Soldiers of Solace at Cook's Cafe (Naugatuck, CT).
08/27/17 - Sunday
  • United Level Sound Presents: To Fear the Fall, Everybody Hates Me, If Not For Me, and Imperialist at Cherry Street Station (Wallingford, CT).

September  09/02/17 - Saturday
  • Goblet, I within I, Screams of Hockomock, and Todd Tesla of Bloodred Whiskey Acoustic at Seaside Tavern (Stamford, CT).
09/16/17 - Friday
  • S.C.E.N.E. Productions Presents: Problem with Dragons, Feed the Beast, Awaken the Madness, and Meta Morsia at Pistol Pete's (Norwich, CT).
  • THE REVENGE OF CT 90'S ROCK & METAL: Future Shock, Khasm, Safe Haven, and The Gathering at RVP STUDIOS/THE CAVE (West Haven, CT).
09/23/17 - Saturday
  • Falling Further Fest with Weird Hero, Crimsong, New Amsterdam nobles, Torque, Demon Chauffeur, Vision Within, Falling Further, Enemy of Reason, Devil Inside, Deathcode, Diabolis, I Within I, VRSA, To Fear The Fall, Casting Shadows at Cherry Street Station (Wallingford, CT).
09/29/17 - Friday
  • SCENE PRODUCTIONS PRESENTS: Female Voices of Metal featuring Scarlet Canary, Aversed, Carpathia, Age of Embers, and Buzzard Canyon at Strange Brew Pub (Norwich, CT).
09/30/17 - Saturday
  • OFNR Studios Presents: FN Fest 11 featuring She Walks Without Legs, and more at Cherry Street Station (Wallingford, CT).

October  10/07/17 - Saturday
  • The Oi! Scouts! with Special Guests: Damn Broads!, DestrOi!, Productive Member, and Cry Havoc! at Cherry Street Station (Wallingford, CT).

If you're in a CT Metal band and want your upcoming show listed, send an email to Metal Cyndicate.