[Editorial] The Connecticut Metal Scene

The Connecticut Metal Scene – Greg “Taco” Powers

Photo Aug 03, 12 48 16 PMI can start this off by talking about the bands or the fans. Hell I can even start it off by telling you all about the individual promoters or all the people behind the scenes. But I won’t. I’m not going to tell you about them at all. That’s because, to me at least, they are all one in the same. Everybody from the highest drawing act, to a brand new band, to the people in the crowd, to the people running the boards are all one thing. And that is family.

I have, since day one, been welcomed into a scene that outsiders would view as violent or antisocial, or whatever other bull shit somebody has spewed at you. The people are insanely friendly and very welcoming. I have yet to run into the “typical” rock star mentality. Nobody thinks they’re better than anybody else. Everybody is there to look out for one another.

The bands are more down to earth than most people you will run into on the street. You can walk up to any one of them and just shoot the shit.  It doesn’t matter if they’re making it, they’re there to do what they love. And for fucks sake they do an amazing job of it.

The fans, and I say this as a fan myself (being instrumentally inept), are fiercely loyal and are not just limited to the people in the crowd. The musicians from other local Metal bands themselves are fans too. A good majority of the fans, though it’s probably more accurate to call them family, go to numerous shows a month and you get to know all of them pretty quickly. Every fucking one of the fans (including band members as well) is awesome.

The promoters. I have a great deal of respect for these people. They truly are the backbone holding our scene together, organizing the shows with the bands you go out and see every weekend. They are the ones giving you a place to go bob your head to, or fucking get in the pit and go ape shit if you want. They usually get the least appreciation for what they truly do, so on behalf of myself and every other person involved in this, thank you. You give us an escape.

Now for the people that literally get almost no notice. The people behind the scenes. The radio hosts. The Internet hosts. The sound guys. The lighting guys. The people that provide the power and energy and longevity to our scene. Without you there is no show. With no show there is no scene. With no scene Connecticut Metal is dead.

If you think Connecticut Metal is dead, take the time and go to any local show. You’ll see bands and fans that put national fucking acts to shame. Whether it’s a sold out show or one with 30 people there, it’s one of the purest experiences you’ll have. If you think Connecticut Metal is dead, on behalf of myself and the rest of the people in this “dead scene” Fuck you. If anybody else disagrees, this MY opinion that I’ve gathered from my experiences as a participant in the scene and a fan of the music.

Get off your ass. Go to a show. Rock the fuck out. Meet some awesome people. Listen to some awesome fucking music.

And on that note, my musically inept ass is out.