League of Extraordinary Front-Men: Episode 05 – We’re Giving Her All She’s Got Captain


League of Extraordinary Front-Men: Episode 05 - We're Giving Her All She's Got Captain (09/06/15)

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LOEFM LogoThe League are a bit loopy, recovering from the previous night's performance at Cook's Cafe. If you could be in any comic book moment in history, what would it be in? Scotty, Jeanne, and Agrippa barely make it to Force Friday at Toys R Us and share their spoils. A.J. visits a comic book store and leaves with money still in his bank account. Kevin reminisces about his vintage Superman T-shirt. Superman gets kicked in the dick by The Rock. Nerd News: Aquaman, Captain America, Star Wars.

Theme music "Superhero" by Faith No More Intro voiced by Bob "Knob" Marino of OFNR