League of Extraordinary Front-Men: Episode 71.5 – Special Edition: It’s Time for the Jedi to WHAAAAT??!


League of Extraordinary Front-Men: Episode 71.5 - Special Edition: It's Time for the Jedi to WHAAAAT??! (04/16/17)

The League gather at Cherry Street Station for this special edition podcast to discuss all the Star Wars Celebration 2017 goodness, including the Battlefront II trailer, Forces of Destiny, Rebels Season 4 trailer, 40th Anniversary panel, and The Last Jedi teaser trailer. NO Odd Comic, NO Scotty's Toy Review, NO Live Show and Tell. ALL STAR WARS.

Theme music "Superhero" by Faith No More

Intro voiced by Bob "Knob" Marino of OFNR

Produced by Jimmy Chaos

Please email all your questions, comments, arguments, corrections to leagueofextraordinaryfrontmen@gmail.com and we will read all of them on this show.

This weeks cast: Scotty, Jeanne, Grip, Kevin James Frear, Michelle, and AJ.