League of Extraordinary Front-Men: Episode 73 – Star Wars Jeopardy


League of Extraordinary Front-Men: Episode 73 – Star Wars Jeopardy (05/07/17)

Nothing but pure hijinks from the League of Extraordinary Front-Men as they battle each other for the title of nerdiest Star Wars nerd of all the League nerds. Hosted by Knob of OFNR, broadcast live from OFNR Studios.

Theme music “Superhero” by Faith No More

Intro voiced by Bob “Knob” Marino of OFNR

Produced by Jimmy Chaos

Please email all your questions, comments, arguments, corrections to leagueofextraordinaryfrontmen@gmail.com and we will read all of them on this show.

This week’s cast: Mrs. Knob, Knob, Jeanne, Scotty, Kevin James Frear, Agrippa, and AJ.