League of Extraordinary Front-Men: Episode 81 – Feeling Randy Baby, Yeah


League of Extraordinary Front-Men: Episode 81 – Feeling Randy Baby, Yeah (07/16/17)

The League of Extraordinary Front-Men podcast live at Cherry Street Station for the 2017 Randy Awards. Guest host and Whovian, Jessica Negron, courageously navigates through the Guest Host Interrogation. Host Question: With a new Dr. Who being female, and recent controversy of Matt Tracker of M.A.S.K. being black, and the possibility of Gal Gadot being a future James Bond , what are your thoughts of gender and race swapping in movies or pop culture in general? Odd Comic,, Live Show and Tell. Nerd News: Avengers, Who News (with Jess), Star Wars, Aladdin, Disney, and New Toys.

Theme music “Superhero” by Faith No More

Intro voiced by Bob “Knob” Marino of OFNR

Produced by Jimmy Chaos

Please email all your questions, comments, arguments, corrections to leagueofextraordinaryfrontmen@gmail.com and we will read all of them on this show.

Odd Comic

Scotty’s Show and Tell

Grip’s Show and Tell

Jeanne’s Show and Tell

AJ’s Show and Tell