Agrippa is the Editor In Chief, Event Coordinator, Podcast Producer for Metal Cyndicate of Connecticut. He inherited the Metal Cyndicate from its founder, Cynthia Mislivets, in mid 2012 after she moved South for other adventures.

In early 2011, after appearing several times on Metal Cyndicate TV with his band Agrippa93, Agrippa volunteered to create a website to host videos for the weekly public access show. While he was developing the website, he realized the potential for Metal Cyndicate and began expanding the site to cover band and venue listings, resources, articles and more. When Cynthia Mislivets moved South in hopes of expanding Metal Cyndicate, she left the Connecticut chapter to Agrippa to run.

Agrippa continued to expand Metal Cyndicate of Connecticut with articles, interviews, album reviews, annual events such as benefit shows and Diversity Metal Fest, and the Metal Cyndicate Podcast Network, of which he hosts and co-hosts 4 shows.

Agrippa is also the founder of the Industrial-infused Metal band, Agrippa93.