Agrippa93 (A93) is an Industrial-infused Metal founded in 2003 by vocalist Agrippa in Hartford, CT. It was originally a solo studio project in its early years and then evolved into a band in 2008 with the inclusion of two members for the recording of the album, Beneath the Cypress Tree. To support the album with live shows, Agrippa recruited more musicians to form a full five piece. Agrippa93 has experienced numerous line-up changes since 2008 to present.


Agrippa93’s present style of music is unique even to its genre and has an instantly recognizable sound. A93 integrates synthesizers, sequencers, and samples with heavy drums, and guitar riffs into a more traditional Metal song structures, resulting in what Agrippa refers to as “Industrial-infused Metal”. Agrippa’s vocal style has been compared to Layne Staley (Alice In Chains) and Ozzy Osbourne. Influences include Nine Inch Nails, KMFDM, Skinny Puppy, My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult, Ministry, Celldweller, Static-X, as well as Alice In Chains, Faith No More, Fates Warning, Fear Factory, Queensryche, and more.


The first Agrippa93 song, “Open Wound”, debuted in 2004 online with over 500 listens and many positive reviews. Later songs released in that year included “Scorched Earth”, “A Profound Realization”, “Fear”, “The Entity”, “View From Here”, “Cold Steel”, “Divinity, I Invite”, “Reincarnate”, “Revival”, “State of the World”, “Forgotten Will”, and “Beneath the Veil of Lies”. All of these songs were written and recorded in Agrippa’s small apartment in Hartford using live guitars, vocals, samples, and programmed instruments.

2005 brought a less prolific year, but a more refined style to its genre of Techno/Industrial Metal, which included the release of “Digital Demigod”, “Untied”, “Priest of Thebes”, and a remix of the  Nine Inch Nails’ song “The Hand That Feeds”. Agrippa’s residential relocation put some restrictions on the writing and production of A93 songs resulting in only one completed 2006 release, “Isolation” and then “The Rain” in 2007.

The year 2008 brought significant changes to Agrippa93. In the early months two songs were released that ended the era of A93 as a solo production: “Equilibrium” and “No Happy Ending”. Seeking fresh ideas, Agrippa connected with two guitarist, Myk Dugan and Carlos Cabrero to expand the A93 sound and work on new material. With the addition of the Dugan and Cabrero, A93 began to shift from an Industrial dominated sound to more guitar driven metal, with accented synths and sequences. Drums and bass continued to be programmed using the same technique and style as all previous A93 songs. The first collaboration resulted in the song “City of Pyramids”, which defined the new direction of that era for Agrippa93.

2008 continued to be a productive year with the trio writing and recording many songs including “Evocation”, “End of Days”, “Reincarnate” (remake of the 2004 version), “Face of Fear” (remake of the 2004 version called “Fear”), “LVX”, “Sun-Bleached Mask”, “Stranger in the Mirror”, “Death By Inhalation”, “October Mourning”, and “Fade Into Oblivion”. All of these songs made up the track list that appeared on Agrippa93‘s 2009 full-length debut album, Beneath the Cypress Tree.

During the post production of the album Carlos Cabrero left the A93 to pursue other career interests, which left only Agrippa and Dugan as remaining members. To support the new album with live shows, Agrippa and Dugan sought out additional musicians to fill in the needed gaps. Guitarist Galen Bessette (Bum Rush), drummer Alex Richard (Imperium Mortis), and bassist Joe Deep (Imperium Mortis) joined  to contribute to transforming A93 into a live performance.

In the next few months Agrippa93‘s full compliment of five members rehearsed in preparation for two September 2009 shows, beginning the live persona of A93. With the inclusion of live drums and bass, the sound changed and took on a more organic feel in the live performance versions of the songs.

One week after their first show, Agrippa93 was feature on the radio station WCCC as the Homegrown band of the week. This included radio play of the songs “City of Pyramids”, “Evocation”, and “Face of Fear” along with an interview with founding member, Agrippa.

Shortly after the Webster show on September 27th, 2009, Bessette expressed his interest in pursuing success in his other band and parted ways, leaving A93 without a second guitarist. Not long after, growing animosity in the band ending in both Dugan and Deep leaving. With only Agrippa and Richard remaining, Agrippa93 was put on indefinite hiatus.

Long time friend and cowriter of the Agrippa’s Laboratory (Agrippa’s solo project) song “Ashes”, guitarist Scott Williams (As Darkness Dies) joined A93 as a major writing force in the band. Williams brought with him guitarist Will Richard (Imperium Mortis), and bassist Rich Fern to fill the two positions left needed to complete the band.

With William’s and Agrippa’s writing styles combined, Agrippa93 was redefined into more of a Progressive-Industrial Metal style with songs like “Forever Wasting Time” and “Among the Ruins”. Songs from the older A93 catalog, such as “City of Pyramids” and “Evocation” were rewritten to reflect that style of sound.

Agrippa93 returned to the stage after a seven month absence on April 16th 2010 at the Webster Underground in Hartford presented by WCCC’s Homegrown Showcase with a great reception. They continued to play many shows throughout the summer and into the fall of 2010 in local venues including June 5th at the Webster Theatre opening for Fear Factory and again on November 19th for Combichrist. A93 appeared several times on the Connecticut public access TV show, The Metal Cyndicate, hosted by metal enthusiast, Cyn Mislivets, and at the Slave to the Metal Music Festival hosted by Mistress Juliya.

Through late fall into late winter of 2010-11, Agrippa93 receded from the live scene to focus on writing and recording the remainder of the songs for their follow up album. Agrippa93’s album, Dichotomy, was released on April 14th, 2012.

In autumn of 2012, Scott Williams, Alex Richard, Will Richard, and Rich Fern departed from Agrippa93, leaving Agrippa as the remaining member of the band. Agrippa, not discouraged by the loss, forged ahead by returning to the roots of his original vision and concept of A93: Industrial-infused Metal. Wasting no time, he immediately got to work in writing new material  and released Agrippa93’s first song of the new era that winter called, “Dead Inside”.

Agrippa93 returned to the stage in January of 2013, with a few new songs and several re-imagined ones from the Strict-9 era, as a solo act accompanied by several local CT Metal musicians, launching the “Revolving Door Policy” (see below) live format.

Agrippa recruited guitarist Steve Rose (Head Wrench) and bassist Brian Dodd (Head Wrench/Fear the Masses) to create the “Static Lineup” to perform as the opening supporting act for KMFDM at the Webster Theater on October 10th, 2013 and then added guitarist Doug Lenington (Fear the Masses) for the My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult show at Stafford Palace Theater. Late 2014, drummer John Gagne (Vena Amoris) joined to return to a full five piece live band. Lenington left A93 in the summer of 2015 to spend more time with his family, but continues to join on stage for the Revolving Door Policy shows.

Agrippa93 continues to perform either as Static Lineup or Revolving Door Policy for live shows.

Agrippa93 is currently working on their third full-length studio album called, Join the Circuits, featuring 15 different musicians from the local CT Metal scene on various songs to reflect the Revolving Door Policy live format.

Writing and Production

After 2012, Agrippa returned to being the sole writer and creative drive of Agrippa93, yet encourages band members and guest musicians to imprint their own style of playing on his songs. All music for A93 is composed on a computer first and then brought to the band to learn.


Whether Agrippa93 is performing as the “Static” line-up or “Revolving Door Policy”, the live show always includes backing tracks of synths, sequences, and samples as well as video. Each song in the set list has its own video, which is played during the performance, either on a TV screen or a computer monitor.   

Static” Line-up: In most situations, A93 will use a “Static” line-up, which includes a full five piece band throughout the entire set.

Revolving Door Policy: For special occasions, or if not all of the “Static” line-up band members are available, A93 will employ the Revolving Door Policy method. Various guest musicians from the Connecticut Metal scene each perform a song, with sometimes up to ten people on and off the stage throughout the set.

Official Biography

In its latest incarnation, Agrippa93 reinvents itself by returning to its original vision: A unique Industrial-infused Metal sound like nothing heard in the Connecticut live scene today. A93 draws influence from Metal bands such as Fear Factory, Megadeth, Black Sabbath, Fates Warning, Alice In Chains, and melds Industrial influences from KMFDM, Nine Inch Nails, Ministry, and Celldweller.

With almost forty songs in its catalog dating back to 2004, Agrippa93 is bringing to surface new versions of songs never before performed live as well as redefined tracks from both the Beneath the Cypress Tree (2009) and Dichotomy (2012) albums. Live shows, performed by founding member, Agrippa on vocals, keyboards, samples, and sequences, accompanied by backing tracks and video production and joined by guest musicians and personalities from the Connecticut Metal Scene.

Agrippa93 has always been more of a concept than a band. That’s something that not too many people get and it’s something I think I kind of lost focus on over the years. It’s been ten years since I released that very first A93 song (Open Wound) back in 2004, and the music has gone through many different incarnations since that time. From launching as a solo project to the many different lineup changes that helped define each era, back to reinventing it as a solo project again. All of it has helped mold Agrippa93 over the years and made it what it is today.”


Current Band Members

  • Live Performance (Static Line-up)
    • Agrippa – Vocals, keyboards, sequencers, drum programming.
    • Steve Rose (Head Wrench) – Guitar
    • Brian Dodd (Fear the Masses/Head Wrench) – Bass
    • John Gagne (Vena Amoris) – Drums
  • Live Performance (Revolving Door Policy)
    • Agrippa – Vocals, keyboards, sequencers, drum programming for all songs.
    • John Gagne (Vena Amoris) – Drums for “Veil of Lies”, “Join the Circuits”, “Into the Deep”, “Dead Inside”, “Scorched Earth”, “Violent Reaction”, and “Genocide is a Warcrime”.
    • Doug Lenington (Fear the Masses) – Guitar for “Veil of Lies”, “Join the Circuits”, “Into the Deep”, “Dead Inside”, “Scorched Earth”, “Violent Reaction”, and “The Rain”.
    • Steve Rose (Head Wrench) – Guitar for “Dead Inside”, “Grind”, “Violent Reaction”, “Scorched Earth”, “Open Wound”, “Join the Circuits”, “Veil of Lies”, and “Into the Deep”.
    • Brian Dodd (Head Wrench/Fear the Masses) – Bass for “Dead Inside”, “Grind”, “Violent Reaction”, “Scorched Earth”, “Open Wound”, “Join the Circuits”, “Veil of Lies”, “Genocide is a Warcrime”, and “Into the Deep”.
    • John Gagne (Vena Amoris) – Drums for “Dead Inside”, “Violent Reaction”, “Scorched Earth”, “Join the Circuits”, “Veil of Lies”, “Genocide is a Warcrime”, and “Into the Deep”.
    • Brenda St. Amant (Continuum) – Vocals for “Into the Deep”.
    • Sam Hatch (Sever the Drama) – Guitar for “Dead Inside”.
    • Jeff Miles (Crossing Rubicon) – Bass for “Dead Inside”.
    • Tim Smith (Shallow Ground) – Guitar for “Grind”, “Genocide is a Warcrime”, “Dead Inside” and “Fade Into Oblivion”.
    • Jonathan Sibrava – Guitar for “Join the Circuits”
    • Paul Spak (Priapism) – Bass for “Veil of Lies” and “Grind”.
    • The Bagman (Darkitecht) – Vocals for “Veil of Lies”, “Grind”, and “Longing For Silence”.
    • Matt Thornton (Flowerland) – Vocals for “Grind”.
    • Jason Niezgorski (Continuum) – Guitar for “Chains of Choronzon”.
    • Brian Reilly (Continuum) – Guitar for “Chains of Choronzon”.
    • Jeff Curtiss (Obsession) –  Bass for “Chains of Choronzon”.
    • Mike Gliniak (Our Own Destruction)  – Guitar for “Chains of Choronzon” and “Dead Inside”.
    • Martin O’Brien (As Darkness Dies) – Vocals for “Chains of Choronzon”.
    • Mike Simmons (Darkitecht) – Bass for “Violent Reaction” and “Scorched Earth”.
    • Greg St. Amant (Enemy of Reason) – Guitar for “Violent Reaction” and “Into the Deep”.
    • Will Richard (Imperium Mortis) – Guitar for “Veil of Lies”.
    • Scott Williams (Graven Image)  – Guitar for “Forever Wasting Time”, “Longing for Silence”, and “Pale Horse”.
    • Myk Dugan (Doomsday Machine) – Guitar and backing vocals for “Fade Into Oblivion” and Vocals for “Open Wound”.
    • Carlos Cabrero (Former A93) – Guitar for “Fade Into Oblivion”.
    • Rape Machine (Alcoholicaust) – Vocals for “Fade into Oblivion”.
    • Keith Pearson (She Walks Without Legs) – Guitar for “Scorched Earth”.
    • Dan Amore (Nasty Disaster) – Bass for “Scorched Earth”.
    • Ezra Langston (Alcoholicaust) – Guitar for “Open Wound”.
    • Scotty Anarchy (Crossing Rubicon) – Vocals for “Violent Reaction”
    • Jeanne Sagan (Crossing Rubicon) – Bass for  “Violent Reaction”
    • Randy Massey (Big Ed) – Vocals for “Grind”

Past Band Members

  • Doug Lenington (Fear the Masses) – Guitar (2014-2015)
  • Dichotomy Era (2009-2012)
    • Scott Williams (As Darkness Dies) – Guitar
    • Will Richard (Imperium Mortis) – Guitar
    • Rich Fern – Bass
    • Alex Richard (Imperium Mortis) – Drums
  • Beneath the Cypress Tree Era (2008-2009)
    • Myk Dugan (Doomsday Machine) – Guitar and backing vocals.
    • Carlos Cabrero – Guitar.
    • Galen Bessette (Bum Rush) – Guitar.
    • Joe Deep (Imperium Mortis) – Bass.
    • Alex Richard (Imperium Mortis) – Drums.


  • Dichotomy (2012)
  • Beneath the Cypress Tree (2009)
  • Lost and Forgetton (2004-2006)
  • Strict-9 (2004-2008)