Alternative Control

Alternative Control

Alternative Control (AltCtrl) is Connecticut’s own e-zine about “metal… and everything else you need to live.” Founded by Jessie May and Jade Siren in September 2010, it’s grown from a tiny HTML experiment to a respected publication boasting nearly 600 posts on music, beer, food, books, and more. AltCtrl also hosts the occasional concert and has released two compilation albums featuring bands that were reviewed on the blog. From Arch Enemy to Ziltoid, Bedroom Rehab Corporation to Xenosis, Connecticut metalheads can count on Alternative Control to give quality press to local bands and international acts alike.

Current Staff Members

  • Editor: Jessie May
  • Webmaster: Johnny Pluckman
  • Writing Staff: Christopher Baldwin, Jim Clegg, The Headbanging Hostess, Jessie May, Johnny Pluckman, and Thomas Pizzola
  • Additional Contributors: Jeff McCarthy, Vegetarian Metalhead, Matt Mullarkey, Jade Siren, and Rodey Tsapralis

Past Contributors

  • Ryan Bair, Carrie Johnson, Jeffrey Miles, Nicole Monroe, Rachael Pixie, JW, and more who we thank tremendously.