Continuum is a groove-oriented Metal band from Waterbury, CT.

Official Biography

Continuum is comprised of five seasoned musicians interested in a single, common goal: the creation of unique, groove-oriented metal that cannot be pigeonholed into a single genre. Mixing death, progressive, and thrash metal elements, the music is a reflection of what the band members have enjoyed most about being life-long fans of extreme music.

For the listener, Continuum hopes to impart the intended emotion and message of each song utilizing both powerful, stirring melody and blunt force trauma. Guitars push and pull on top of pounding rhythms and pulsing bass. Lead vocalist Brenda St. Amant delivers sermons of suffering and rage with a voice that morphs from an angel to a demon, the contrast providing a perfect sonic accompaniment to the lyrical content.

Continuum invites the listener to feel every ounce of anger and despair so that the music will penetrate both the ear and the mind.

Current Band Members

  • Brenda StAmant – Vocals
  • Jay Niezgorski – Guitar
  • Bryan Reilly – Guitar
  • Tony Mica – Bass
  • Darrin Yardley – Drums

Past Band Members

  • None


  • Rise And Fall (2012)
  • Seven (2014)