Metal CyndiCAST

Metal CyndiCAST

Metal CyndiCAST is a weekly talk show podcast featuring local Connecticut Metal bands, promotors, personalities, and more, hosted by Agrippa and Alan Selavka. The podcast focuses on the CT Metal scene and is recorded every Wednesday night at 6:30pm and available for listening before 11am on Thursdays, distributed by Metal Cyndicate Podcast Network. The show runs from 45 minutes to a hour and 45 minutes, depending on the amount of content of the week. In addition to interviews with guests, Metal CyndiCAST also plays music from local CT Metal bands.

Metal CyndiCAST also records Special Edition shows in addition to its weekly episodes, in support of local events.

Metal CyndiCAST has an informal format and strongly encourages guest to stray off topic into tangents, favoring conversations over formal interviews. Guests are also encouraged to make comments at any time throughout the show to add their own personal experience or knowledge to the subjects.

Metal CyndiCAST began as a demonstration to The Bagman of Nation of Decimation of how he could take his canceled radio show and make it a podcast. The Bagman was uninterested in podcasting, however Agrippa and Alan continued to record episodes. The first episode of Metal CyndiCAST was recorded on January 9th, 2013 and included Ryan Early and Mouse of Apostasy in a pre-recorded interview. Listen to all the podcast episodes here: Metal CyndiCAST Podcasts

Show Segments:

  • Emails: emails are a rarity on the show, however Mouse of Apostasy has  regularly submitted them with, that it has almost become his own segment. 
  • Global Metal News: Alan chooses and reads only a few pieces of news pertaining to Metal all over the world, favoring the local news more, 
  • Local Metal News: Some bands submit news, however for the most part Alan gathers the latest from local CT Metal bands and reads them on the show. Occasionally guests will be encouraged to read some local news, especially if it pertains to their band.
  • Vintage CT Metal: Each week Agrippa picks a song submitted to the Vintage CT Metal segment, which is any music produced by CT Metal bands dating from late 1980’s to 2000. 
  • Featured Guest: Every week bands, promotors, or other personalities in the local scene join the show to talk about their upcoming events or projects. During the interview segment, a visiting band has two of their songs played on the show.
  • This Week’s Song Pick: In addition to guest’s music, Alan chooses a song that in most cases is relevant to an upcoming show that weekend, or a band featured in the Local News. 
  • Shit we did over the weekend: Agrippa, Alan, and guests talk about what they did the past weekend and what shows they went to.
  • Upcoming Shows: Alan gathers and reads the listings for upcoming shows for that weekend. 

Past Segments

  • Eyes of the Dead Poetry Corner: Early on, members of Eyes of the Dead submitted outrageous poems, song lyrics, and phrases that Agrippa would read on the show, without previewing them beforehand. Eyes of the Dead sending emails, which put an end to the segment.
  • Metal Tech: A short lived segment in which Agrippa reviewed and demonstrated various music technologies. It was soon removed due to the feel that it disrupted the flow of the show. A similar concept was later revisited in a separate podcast called CT Metal Gear.
  • Questions Answered: Each week the hosts would present a question to listeners on the Metal Cyndicate Facebook Page. The answers would be read on the show by Agrippa and Alan.


Past Guests:

  • Kasm
  • Acius
  • As Darkness Dies
  • Xenosis
  • Revenge Against God
  • Kayotik
  • Ear One Productions
  • DIRT
  • Blackmail Radio
  • Demons Past
  • The Shape
  • Anti-Radio
  • Vena Amoris
  • Physics of Demise
  • Tear Gas Union
  • Audio Vault Entertainment
  • Sirius Fades
  • Shadow Kingdom
  • Posidemic Ntertainment
  • Brian Betterton
  • Vestal Claret
  • Dream of Scipio
  • EOS
  • Imperium Mortis
  • THe Maddening Process
  • Oath
  • Insano Vision
  • We Are Nothing
  • Christopher Taylor Beaudette (Kings and Liers, Entierro, Garbage Barge, Nightbitch, Kingdom of Sorrow, JASTA, and Nasty Disaster)
  • Composing the Apocalypse
  • Jeff Curtiss (Obsessions)
  • Into the Coven
  • Moongoyle Entertainment
  • Priapism
  • Darkitecht
  • Undercliff
  • Ian Jones
  • Intrinsic Grey
  • Sever the Drama
  • Crossing Rubicon
  • Headwrench
  • In the Red
  • Dick Mc Plenty (Nasty Disaster)
  • The Bagman (Nation of Decimation)
  • Enemy of Reason
  • Crown of Scorn
  • Fear Apparent
  • Mortifica
  • Jessie May (Alternative Control)
  • Eyes of the Dead
  • She Walks Without Legs
  • Fear the Masses
  • Rusty Assunder (Webster Theater)
  • Graven Image
  • Randy Massey (Big Ed)
  • Apostasy
  • Lightsbane
  • Kali Ma
  • Cyperna
  • Our Own Destruction
  • Torment the Dreamer
  • Jeff Miles ()
  • Shallow Ground
  • Knob (OFNR)
  • Orc Adams (ORCumentary)
  • Jimi Bell
  • Doomsday Machine
  • Alcoholicaust
  • Continuum
  • Opus (Dead By Wednesday)