Official FN Radio (OFNR for short) is a Connecticut based multimedia company born out of the pure love and respect for music, the music scene, the ever evolving music industry Most importantly, OFNR is here to support the global independent rock and metal musicians who are by and large just as good as, if not in many cases, better than the corporately signed bands you hear everyday on Commercial Radio.

We realize there is a shift in the way music is being consumed. I once had read, “the old ways of doing business are dead”. No more is this evident than in the music world. Brick & Mortar stores that have been in business 50 and 60 years are closing up shop and saying it’s not worth it anymore. Music simply isn’t consumed in that manner by anyone but the die hard collectors in today’s have it now society.

This realization, along with over 8 years of networking with bands from all over the planet ensures that in this current, complex, fast-moving, hyper informational society, success not only for OFNR but also for our global community partnerships. At the end of the day, OFNR is run by a bunch of music fans, with too much time on their hands.