Metal CyndiCAST – Episode 101: Demons Past


Metal CyndiCAST – Episode 101: Demons Past  (01/20/15)

Metal CyndiCAST Logo2Kevin, Nick, Dan, and Sal from Demons Past stop by the show and chat about Radio, blogging, the band name, and Star Wars. Dan and Agrippa geek out on SimCity Buildit. Mentions: Eyes of the Dead, Undercliff, Shallow Ground, Kings and Liars, Mortifica, Vena Amoris, Composing the Apocalypse, Ear One Productions.

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Photo Jan 20, 7 05 56 PM

Kevin, Nick, and Dan of Demons Past

Photo Jan 20, 7 06 11 PM

Alan (Co-Host) and Sal (Demons Past)