Metal CyndiCAST – Episode 184: Amplified Video Productions


Metal CyndiCAST – Episode 184: Amplified Video Productions (03/08/17)

Metal CyndiCAST Logo NewA.J. Pelletier (formerly of In the Red and Devil Inside) launches his new video production company, focusing on the CT Metal scene. A.J. talks about his time in his former bands and current projects he’s working on, including a Crossing Rubicon documentary. Alan and A.J. discuss professional wrestling, as Agrippa nods and pretends he knows what they’re talking about. Mentions: Dead By Wednesday, Owl Maker, Vena Amoris, Diabolis, Kill the Straggler, and Crossing Rubicon. Featuring music by Owl Maker, In the Red, Devil Inside, and Piercing Immortality.