Metal CyndiCAST – Episode 64: Sever the Drama


Metal CyndiCAST – Episode 64: Sever the Drama (04/16/14)

Metal CyndiCAST Logo2Sam and Chris of Sever the Drama stop by to talk about their long awaited 2nd album Chasing Shadows, after stuffing their faces with pasta and meatballs. Alan returns from vacation and Agrippa drops the ball on collecting local CT Metal news for the week. Mentions: Fear the Masses, Dead By Wednesday, Tear Gas Union, Graven Image, KayotiK, Eyes of the Dead, SiNTHETIC NOiSE, Axels.

photo 2

Sam and Chris from Sever the Drama


Image texted to Ian Jones, producer of the album. Agrippa and Alan got a copy before he did.



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