Metal CyndiCAST – Episode 73: Imperium Mortis


Metal CyndiCAST – Episode 73: Imperium Mortis  (06/18/14)

Metal CyndiCAST Logo2Alex and Will from Imperium Mortis are in the studio talking about studio time for their upcoming album, upcoming shows, their history, the Torrington Metal scene, and Alex’s involvement in the drum competition at Cook’s Cafe. Also, stick around for after the outro theme for some bonus content. Mentions: Official FN Radio, Bonded Through Hate, Kali Ma, Tear Gas Union, Kings and Liars, Crossing Rubicon Our Own Destruction, Graven Image, In the Red.




Agrippa93 opening for My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult at Stafford Palace Theater


Will Richard and Alex Richard of Imperium Mortis