Metal CyndiCAST – Episode 77: Deadwrench?


Metal CyndiCAST – Episode 77: Deadwrench? (07/15/14)

Metal CyndiCAST Logo2Steve Rose of Headwrench clears up the confusion about whether the band is calling it quits or not and talks about the upcoming Metal Fest on July 19th at Hardhat Cafe. Mentions: Sever the Drama, ANTI RADIO, Dream of Scipio, Crossing Rubicon, Kaos Reign, Graven Image, Fear the Masses, EoS, Tear Gas Union, Crown of Scorn, Shallow Ground, Tester, Vena Amoris, Sirius Fades, Apostasy, Nasty Disaster.

Photo Jul 15, 7 28 25 PM

Steve Rose of Headwrench

Photo Jul 15, 10 49 13 AM

Vena Amoris at 2nd Annual Cherry Fest at Cherry Street Station