Metal CyndiCAST – Special Edition: Live at Bacon Fest

Metal CyndiCAST – Special Edition: Live at Bacon Fest (06/13/15) <–Click on link to listen

Metal CyndiCAST Logo NewBACON! Recorded live at Bacon Fest at Cherry Street Station with interviews with Eric Iocca (Audio Vault EnterTAINTment), Jessie May (Alternative Control), Ryan Early (Apostasy), Doug Lenington (Fear the Masses), Paul Spak (Priapism/Mortifica/60 Grit), Lyra, Mike Randazzese (Our Own Destruction), Drew Seymour (Physics of Demise), Mousy (Apostasy), Drea (Drea Marie Presents). BACON! Featured music by Insano Vision, Fear the Masses, and Dream of Scipio courtesy of OFNR.

Photo Jun 13, 8 09 21 PM

Email author Mousy and Metal Cyndicate’s Alan Selavka.

Photo Jun 14, 2 45 27 PM

Agrippa and Doug Lenington (Fear the Masses)

Photo Jun 14, 4 33 13 PM

Greg Powers sporting the Metal Cyndicate T-shirt and Agrippa.

Photo Jun 14, 8 52 17 PM

Agrippa interviewing Johnny Pluckman of Lyra.

Photo Jun 13, 3 54 50 PM Photo Jun 13, 7 31 17 PM Photo Jun 13, 8 02 01 PM


Blue Snowball (anal bead) Microphone