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Metal CyndiCAST Logo NewMetal CyndiCAST – The network and central hub for the Connecticut Metal Scene, bringing you Connecticut Metal news, upcoming shows, show reviews, interviews and more. Join hosts Agrippa and Alan each episode for all your Connecticut Metal related information.

Agrippa - Thought ManiCAST

Agrippa: Thought ManiCAST – A journal of the progress of Agrippa as a musician and of his project, Agrippa93: logging his methodology from the idea process to the final mastering to taking it to the stage, and at the same time to provide a resource from experience for anyone venturing into this roller coaster world called the Music Industry.

CT Metal Gear LogoCT Metal Gear – A podcast focusing on Connecticut Metal musicians and the gear they use, hosted by Agrippa (Metal CyndiCAST/Agrippa: Though ManiCAST). Each show spotlights individual musicians in the local scene in their natural habitat, talking about their live rigs, favorite instrument, influences, how they get their sound, and much more.

Photo Oct 15, 1 48 18 PMLeague of Extraordinary Front-Men
– A podcast in which four lead vocalists from Connecticut Metal bands TRY to cram their egos into one room to talk about comic books, Star Wars, Sci Fi, and anything else that comes up. Featuring Agrippa (Agrippa93), Scotty Anarchy (Crossing Rubicon), Kevin Frear (Demons Past), and A.J. Pelletier (In the Red).

Photo Jul 21, 1 52 59 PM

Alternative Control Audio – Featuring audio interviews and more from Alternative Control: Metal… And everything else you need to live.



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Paul It All Podcast – Connecticut Musician, Paul Litewka, speaks with guests.