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Metal CyndiCAST is brought to you by The Metal Cyndicate: the network and central hub for the Connecticut Metal Scene. Metal CyndiCAST brings you Connecticut Metal news, upcoming shows, show reviews, interviews and more. Join hosts Agrippa and Alan each episode for all your Connecticut Metal related information.

The Metal CyndiCAST is recorded on Wednesday nights and available for download on Thursday. For questions and comments, email

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Episode 61: The Hardest Working Man In Connecticut Metal (03/26/14) – Christopher Taylor Beaudette from Kings and Liers, Entierro, Garbage Barge, Nightbitch, Kingdom of Sorrow, JASTA, and Nasty Disaster, and probably your band too. Mentions: Acius, Continuum, Shallow Ground, Tear Gas Union, Lightsbane, Crossing Rubicon, Sever the Drama, Kali Ma, Physics of Demise.

  • Episode 59: Scotty the Rumor Killer (03/12/14) – Speculations about Crossing Rubicon’s demise spread like wildfire around the CT Metal Scene. Agrippa and Alan give Scotty Anarchy a call to have him kill the rumors and clear the air about what’s going on. Mentions: Fear Apparent, Graven Image, Continuum, Kayotik, Shallow Ground, She Walks Without Legs, Lightsbane.
  • Episode 58: The Jeff Curtiss Obsession (03/05/14) – Obsessions latest addition, local music hero Jeff Curtiss, takes us on a ride through his adventures in local CT Metal bands. Agrippa and Alan soak in their new comfortable podcast environment. Sometimes change is good. Mentions: Lightsbane, Tear Gas Union, Crossing Rubicon, Graven Image, Symphony of Malice, Obsession, Shallow Ground, Cyperna, She Walks Without Legs, Nasty Disaster.

  • Episode 56: Moongoyle Entertainment (02/12/14) – Featuring Connecticut based horror movie production company, Moongoyle Entertainment. Aaron talks about the similarities between making movies and the music scene. Mentions: Lightsbane, Kayotik, ORCumentary, Graven Image, Head Wrench.

  • Episode 55: Water Damage Inc. (02/05/14) – “Water, water everywhere nor any drop to drink.” – Rime of the Ancient Mariner by Samuel Taylor Coleridge (…but Iron Maiden made it cool). With no guests, a water issue at the studio, and a wintery assault of snow and ice, Alan phones it in for this episode. Mentions: Dream of Scipio, Vena Amoris, Murder Castle, Tear Gas Union, In the Red, Fear the Masses, Beat the Doll.

  • Episode 54: Jeff Miles – Origin Story (01/29/14) – Digging back into the distant past to reveal the origin story of Jeff Miles. Jeff talks about his time in Crossing Rubicon, his current endeavors, and whats to come. AGRIPPA IS MOVING WEST! The rumors are true, but what will be the fate of the Metal Cyndicate and Metal CyndiCAST after he moves? Find out this episode. Mentions: Infinition, Feed the Pigs, Continuum, In the Red, Nightbitch, Nasty Disaster, Lightsbane, Graven Image, Headwrench, Our Own Destruction, Sever the Drama, Enemy of Reason, Rail.

  • Episode 52: Priapism (01/15/14) – Paul Spak of Priapism stops by the studio to talk about what’s going on in their world lately. Tons of local news this week! Mentions: Crossing Rubicon, Symphony of Malice, Kali Ma, Vena Amoris, Eyes of the Dead, Behold the Beginning, Doomsday Machine, She Walks Without Legs, In the Red, Lightsbane, Kayotik.

  • Episode 51: Robert Slater (01/08/14) – Robert Slater saves the day by stepping up in place of a very sick Brian Betterton. Agrippa and Alan reminisce about the very 1st Metal CyndiCAST episode that aired one year ago. Tons of local news to catch up on. Mentions: Crossing Rubicon, Graven Image, Lightsbane, Fear Apparent, Apostasy, In the Red, Tear Gas Union, Dream of Scipio, Big Ed, Headwrench, Shallow Ground.

  • Episode 49: Be Afraid of a Lot of People (12/11/13) – Fear the Masses saves an otherwise doomed episode by agreeing to come in on short notice and brave the Arctic freeze of the studio. Mentions: Undercliff, Dream of Scipio, Kali Ma, Cyperna, Apostasy, Headwrench.

  • Episode 47: Thanksgiving Eve Massacre (11/27/13) – Unsolved mysteries on location at Cherry Street Station: Who’s running the show? Agrippa and Alan talk to Knob (OFNR), Matt (Eyes of the Dead), and Bryan (Continuum) and still can’t figure it out. Mentions: Lightsbane, Intrinsic Grey, Apostasy, Nightbitch, Graven Image, In the Red, Fear Apparent, Nasty Disaster.

  • Episode 46: Sound Wizard (11/20/13) – The Doctor is in the house. Sound Wizard, Ian Jones visits the studio and geeks out on some audio talk. Mentions: Jimmy Junk Bird and the Stiffs, Our Own Destruction, Crossing Rubicon, Doomsday Machine, Dream of Scipio, Graven Image, Infinition, Sever the Drama, Nasty Disaster.

  • Episode 45: Darkitecht (11/13/13) – Darkitecht reveals their new secret weapon over a phone interview. Jeff Miles delivers some warm goodness to the studio. Alan and Agrippa take a little bird walk to Geekville. Mentions: Kali Ma, Ear One Productions, When the Deadbolt Breaks, Crossing Rubicon, Burrows, Headwrench, Graven Image.

  • Episode 44: Undercliff (11/06/13) – Paul Litewka from the CT Doom Metal band, Undercliff talks about the local scene, his influences, and more. After all the gear is turned off and the laptops put away, Agrippa plants a face palm and shakes his fist, realizing he forgot to talk about his experience on the main stage at the Webster opening for KMFDM. Mentions: Kings and Liars, Kali Ma, End Time Illusion, Apostasy, Crossing Rubicon, Lyra.

  • Episode 43: Sam Hatch (10/30/13) – In studio with Sam Hatch talking about Sever the Drama and his radio show. Paul Coleman of Graven Image stops by to hang out and chat. Mentions: Mortifica, Agrippa93, Intrinsic Grey, Crossing Rubicon, Shallow ground.

  • Episode 42: CT Hellfire Halloween Show (10/23/13) – Don’t adjust your EQ’s! All that low end you hear is caused by the overpopulation of bassists in the studio. Joining the show this week is Glen Reed (Intrinsic Grey), Sam Hatch (Sever the Drama), Andy Purchia (Graven Image), Jeff MIles (Crossing Rubicon), and Ian Jones, (who assured us he’s played bass before). Mentions: Shallow Ground, Lightsbane, Headwrench,

  • Episode 41: Headwrench (10/16/13) – Studio guests, Headwrench, talk about their loyal fan base, their club-like practice space, their very first show, and Scott falling from the sky onto the stage. Tons of local news. Mentions: Crown of Scorn, Our Own Destruction, Lightsbane, Tear Gas Union, Vena Amoris.

  • Episode 40: In the Red (10/09/13) – Agrippa and Alan are back in the studio with guests, In the Red. Bryan and Brenda of Continuum talk about some upcoming shows and a potentially great venue for the CT Metal scene. Mentions: Bonded Through Hate, Kali Ma, Lightsbane, Big Ed, Tester, Nasty Disaster.

  • Episode 37: We Got Nothin’ (09/18/13) – But we do have good audio quality this week with the multi-mic system. Rob Cadrain from Crown of Scorn gives some updates from the band over the phone. Tons of local CT Metal news. There’s even a surprise guest that pops in at the end. I guess we do have something. Mentions: Dead By Wednesday, Imperium Mortis, Cyperna, Sever the Drama, Continuum, Traces of Torment, Nightbitch.

  • Episode 36: The Bagman (09/11/13) – Attempt to listen to the interview with The Bagman of the Nation of Decimation. Audio quality is something to cringe at this week, but believe us, it’s in much better shape than it was before two days of extreme editing surgery was performed to bring it to life. We promise much better sound from the studio next time. Thanks for your patience and tolerance.

  • Episode 35: No Limits Music Festival (09/04/13) – Ryan (Apostasy), Greg (Enemy of Reason), and Matt (Eyes of the Dead) stop by the studio to talk about the No Limits Music Festival. We apologize for the horrible audio quality of this show. We’re working on it.

  • Episode 34: Crown of Scorn (08/28/13) – Rob and Alan from Crown of Scorn in the studio this week. CT Metal community morns the loss of local hero, Ron Kuczuk. Exclusive track from Darkitecht.

  • Episode 33: Fear Apparent (08/21/13) – The guys from Fear Apparent stop by the studio to chat about writing, gig mishaps, and their lineup change. Tons of local Metal news.

  • Episode 30: Eyes of the Dead (07/31/13) – Matt from Eyes of the Dead visits the studio and is surprisingly on his best behavior. Pat finally decides to arrive whenever the fuck he feels like it. Big news from Our Own Destruction and is this Fed thing a hoax or not?

  • Episode 29: Reclamation Fest (07/24/13) – Ian Carlucci gives us all the juicy details about the upcoming Reclamation Fest.

  • Episode 27: The New KIds on the Block (07/10/13) – Agrippa and Alan are settling in their new Metal Cyndicate Studio to record the CyndiCAST this week. Keith Pearson of She Walks Without Legs stops by to talk about this weekend’s 1st Annual Cherry Fest. A couple of surprise guests sneak in to hang out in the new studio.

  • Episode 26: Wake Up the Masses (07/03/13) – Agrippa and Alan are homeless for another week and return to Cherry Street Station. Josh and Doug from Fear the Masses lounge at the bar talking about their upcoming album release, “Rise”. Agrippa wrestles with the dilemma of whether or not to keep his long hair or shave it all off.

  • Episode 25: Rusty Asunder of the Webster (06/26/13) – Agrippa and Alan return to Cherry Street Station once again, but this time with Rusty Asunder from the Webster. Though strange to see him out of his normal environment, Alan and Agrippa adjust and Rusty talks about, memorable shows, ticket sales, local scene, and back in the day with his band Torn Asunder.

  • Episode 24: The Future Started Yesterday (06/19/13) – Agrippa and Alan return to Cherry Street Station to hang out with the guys from Graven Image. Also, the newest show announcements and all the latest local CT Metal news read by the guests (Andy finds a new calling in broadcasting).

  • Episode 23: Down At The Station (06/12/13) – Agrippa and Alan have a fuck load of fun recording at the bar on location at Cherry Street Station on Cherry-oke night. Randy Massey of Big Ed stops by to read some local news and talk about the Gear Swap last Sunday.

  • Episode 21: Official FN Radio 05/29/13) – Agrippa and Alan marval at the speaking bowl as Knob talks about OFNR (Official FN Radio). Also, the newest show announcements and all the latest local CT Metal news.

  • Episode 20: F@#K You, Alan  (05/22/13) – Alan grabs his ankles and takes a raw pounding for his birthday roast show. Guests Shawn (Kali Ma/Cyperna) and Josh join in the fun to rip Alan a new one. Hear special birthday wishes from Heather Nelson (Metal Cyndicate), Tim Smith (Shallow Ground), Rape Machine (Alcoholicaust), Paul Coleman (Graven Image), Matt “VeryMetal” Colton, Somedude (OFNR – Chaos), Mouse (RAIL/Apostasy), Randy Massey (Big Ed), and Knob (OFNR).

  • Episode 19: Our Own Destruction  (05/15/13) – Mike and Kurt of Our Own Destruction in the studio. The Diversity of Metal Fest 2013 aftermath. NEW Metal Cyndicate Presents show announcement. Important information on how you can tell Alan to fuck off.

  • Episode 18: Diversity Metal Fest  (05/08/13) – A preview of the greatly anticipated upcoming Metal Cyndicate event: The Diversity of Metal Fest 2013. Hear about all of the featured bands and song clips as well as other special things going on that night. Agrippa goes to a stinky punk show and Alan drops a deuce.

  • Episode 15: AlcoholiCAST  (04/17/13) – In studio guest, the always controversial Rape Machine of Alcoholicaust. Are you on his top five favorite band list or the top five worst? Finally we get to hear the other side of the Doomsday Machine and Alcoholicaust drummer feud.

  • Episode 14: Doomsday is Upon Us!  (04/09/13) – Myk, Paul, and Jimmy from Doomsday Machine drop by the studio to hang out with Agrippa and Alan and talk about their on going feud with another band’s drummer. Agrippa declares a possible career ending statement for him about some Metal legends (send hate mail to Alan is up in smoke at a hookah bar.

  • Episode 13: Shameless Self Promotion!  (04/02/13) – Place face firmly in palm  as Alan endures what seems like Agrippa’s endless barrage of shameless promotion of Agrippa93 and his upcoming Bohemian Birthday Bash on Friday April 5th at Cherry Street Station featuring a bunch of guest musicians, Shallow Ground, Lady Blaze and comedian Brian Barganier. Also some actually useful information about promoting your own band with opinions from local Metal scene personalities.

  • Episode 12: Drugs, Alcohol, and METAL!  (03/26/13) – Break out the whiskey, pour yourself some absinth, or light up a blunt as Agrippa and Alan ask the question: Is there a drug and alcohol cultural standard in the CT Metal scene? Local Metal personalities, including guitar legend Jimi Bell, get real candid with their field experiences on the subject.

  • Episode 11: WANTED: Metal Scene – Dead or Alive (03/19/13) – They are not cowboys and they do not ride steel horses, however Agrippa and Alan do seek the answer to the age old question: Is the CT Metal scene dead or alive. Local Metal personalities chime in with their opinions on this very debatable subject.

  • Episode 10: Buncha Random Shit (03/13/13) – Agrippa and Alan read some Q & A directed at local CT Metal personalities about some random shit. Alan reveals his spreadsheet (download) of shows he’s attended. Everyone kneel in a circle and listen to the latest submission from the Eyes of the Dead Poetry Corner.

  • Episode 09: Gigs From Hell! (03/06/13) – We’ve all had them. We’ve all seen them. Agrippa and Alan share horror stories from the stage submitted by local CT Metal personalities.

  • Episode 06: For the Love of METAL! (02/12/13) – Agrippa and Alan attempt to pull off a Valentine’s Day themed show asking people about their favorite Metal love song, Metal related love stories, and their love for Metal. Knob, of OFNR, speaks into the magic bowl to tell us more info about the return of Oficial FN Radio. A new segment called, “Eyes of the Dead Poetry Corner” added to the show.

    Episode 05: Hey, Ya Wanna Buy a Ticket? (02/5/13) – Agrippa and Alan take on the heated topic of selling tickets for shows, with some input from friends in the CT Metal community. New advanced audio capturing technology is tested with the first  phone call interview with Keith of Shallow Ground. An hour of Metal CyndiCAST not enough for you? Check out Episode 5A with where Paul Coleman from Graven Image, Ryan Bair from Lyra, Jessie May of Alternative Control and Pink Missle, and Jamie and Matt from Mortifica tell us what they think about ticket sales. Episode 5A

  • Episode 04: I Thought This Was A Metal Show (01/30/13) – Stepping back from the Metal for a bit, Agrippa and Alan talk about their top 5 non-Metal bands and read some of local CT talent’s lists. Interview with Jeff Miles of Crossing Rubicon about his secret project. Agrippa’s Metal Tech focus is on TC-Helicon’s VoiceTone D1 effects pedal.