Metal Scene – Dead or Alive?

The main topic on episode 11 of Metal CyndiCAST was the age old discussion of whether there is a Metal scene in Connecticut or not. Below are the opinions of some of the local personalities in the CT Metal community taken from the podcast.

“In my humble opinion, I’d say that there is a resurgence going on in the metal scene of sorts, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see the clone wars have begun lol. There is so many bands that sound exactly like the band right before and after them on the lineup at local shows, especially the younger age bands. Anything that has the word “core” in its description of genre these days you can almost guarantee they are a cookie cutter band. In all fairness, at least they are getting out there and playing, but are they really helping the future of the local scene? I’m not so sure, if it gets watered down as these groups age I would assume their fans lose interest from a lack of variety, but that is only my opinion. I’d say the same goes for bands that sound like or cover too much from ages past, granted it is getting some of the older metal fans out into the venues, but again how long will that last. I’d say for a true resurgence, there needs to be more totally original bands blazing their own trail just as when the metal scene first sprung to like 25 or more years ago.”

– Alex Richard of Imperium Mortis

“When you go to any local show, you can expect to see familiar faces. It’s always the same people who seem to be in attendance, which brings a nice family atmosphere, but at the same time speaks volumes for the scene.

I think more fans need to get active in the scene. Not just going to shows per say, but to actively take part in the music community. Promoting shows, listening and sharing awesome bands, anything that could improve the buzz for the scene.

Bands also need to work together and help each other. We all saw what went down with the ticket fiasco when Anthrax/Testament came rolling through town. It practicably ripped this community apart and became a pissing contest that no one won.

There are some with egos that need to get squashed and in a hurry because we are all together, fighting to bring kick ass metal forth to as many metal mother fuckers there are.

The music industry has changed, & “getting signed” is a farce.

So lets realize, capitalize and Unify or Die”

– Bob “Knob” Marino – Owner and Operator of OFNR

“The scene is always there. What dictates it is the response from the community is songwriting. If there is a killer product people will show up …ask Fates Warning, Obsession, Hatebreed etc.. If you have a good product, people will support it. When I see crowds consisting of non musicians I know we as a community are thriving!!! And I have been seeing a lot lately …we are all in this together  whether if you like a certain style or not!!!”

– Paul Coleman of Graven Image