Official F**king New Radio

The Metal Cyndicate promotes all things Connecticut Metal, and there is no radio station on this planet that has done more to support local metal bands and the venues that have them than OFNR (Official Fucking New Radio). My first exposure to OFNR was following The Bagman as a listener from his previous radio gig to establishing his own Monday night show called, The Nation of Decimation: a program that focuses on local Connecticut metal.

You won’t find top 40 pop music on OFNR nor commercials from advertiser cramming product down your throat. You will hear plugs for local shows, venues, websites, bands, and events that have all to do with the local scene. None of these are paid ads, so the promotion comes from the heart. Focus is on local music and they recognize that bands have more than just one song to play repetitiously until you wear it out. These guys are the real deal. From the website:

“We truly love the independent music community around the globe, and because we’re true fans of the scene as a whole, we buy the merch, we rock the shows and we bring it to you with an OFFICIAL brand that you have come to respect.”

OFNR is also not hindered by the FCC and is free to talk like you and me, meaning generously peppering conversation with well placed profanity. It’s not for the listener who is easily offended by socially unacceptable language, but like everything in life, you have the choice to go elsewhere.


OFNR was born from the idea of doing a commercial spot in January 2006, when Connecticut School Of Broadcasting graduate, Aaron Howard, approached Bob Marino (Knob) to help make it happen. It wasn’t until September of that year that the radio program was established through, and even then as just a joke. Years later, OFNR as a licensed internet broadcaster has built a reputation as a trusted organization, winning awards, and supporting the independent music community globally.

Noted Achievements:

  • 2007 – Waterbury Republican American (newspaper) – Caught in a Web – Showcased as a Connecticut internet radio station fighting against the Copyright Protection board.
  • 2008 – Featured in the March edition of The Indie Net News.
  • 2010 – Named the Official Station of The Musician’s Rock Network: WINNER – Live365 $1,000 Why I Love live365 Video Contest: , Featured on’s Entrepreneur Show
  • 2011 – Featured on iTunes Radio under “Alternative”

Metal Shows

Though OFNR also broadcasts shows that include 90’s alternative rock, classic rock, football, and others, this being the Metal Cyndicate, I’m focusing on the 2 that are strictly METAL.


Bagman’s Nation of Decimation: This 3 hour show, hosted by The Bagman, is all about local and independent metal. Monday’s, starting at 8pm, listeners can count on hearing almost exclusively Connecticut metal, interviews, and tons of information about the local scene including show dates, album releases, special events and more. The Bagman is a veteran of the local music scene having done his time fronting several bands, so he knows the genre well. Past guests include Graven Image, Eyes of The Dead, Priapism, Agrippa93, Moongoyle Entertainment, Billy V of Inablackout, She Walks Without Legs, and The Silence Beneath Us.

Thursday Night Chaos: Hosted by Some Dude and Major Chugz, Thursday NIght Chaos is a 3 hour show that “is dedicated to spinning Brutal, Psychotic, Rampaging, Metal of a signed and unsigned nature.” 
Guests on the show have included Better Unborn (NYC), Bong Hits For Jesus (DE), Eyes of The Dead (CT), RAIL (CT), Borgo Fucking Pass (NYC), Opus of Dead By Wednesday (CT), Cyperna (CT), Stagger (NJ), Continuum (CT), Joe Morbidelli of Dead By Wednesday (CT), Lightsbane (CT), and more. During a visit, usually only one segment is dedicated to talking to the band about the band and the rest a free for all conversational playground about anything and everything, which most often turns twisted.

The hosts continually to push the boundaries of OFNR, with shows like “The Racist Special” – 3 hours of equal opportunity racism leaving none safe, a series of Anti X-mas shows, and much more wackiness and insanity that would greatly offend the average citizen.


With several past and present staff members certified broadcasters from Connecticut School Of Broadcasting, all are entirely volunteers, experienced in audio, & video production. As their official website states: “We are music fans with too much free time on our hands.”

CHAOS CEOs: After the November 28th, 2011 The Nation of Decimation show, which included guests Moongoyle Entertainment and the local metal band Eyes of the Dead, CEO and founder, Knob, lashed out at Frank Connors’ (Eyes of the Dead) repeated on air antagonism toward him. The following Wednesday, the Board of Directors and Attorney’s of OFNR contacted Knob, and due to his outbursts and unprofessional behavior, demanding his immediate resignation. On the Thursday night show airing on December 1, 2011, FN Court proceedings took place which included several charges against him, removing him from the CEO position. CHAOS army recognized the opportunity in the power vacuum and systematically seized control over OFNR as a collective CEO of 47 people, which has grown to 50 at the time of this article. For an updated list of the current CEO’s click [HERE].

With the CHAOS army of 50 in power, random executive orders are issued at any time on air, usually involving a bit of sadism, and in most cases focused toward The Nation of Decimation show. While in the studio for my band’s interview (Agrippa93), there had already been 2 executive orders in place 1) No chairs in the studio and 2) The last hour of the show must have children’s music. During the broadcast, one of the 50 CHOAS CEO’s called in and issued a 3rd: Due to economic restraints, The Bagman may only use 3 squares of toilet paper. With CHAOS in power nothing is sacred.
The Cherry Street Connection
From the impression I get, there’s a mutual admiration shared between OFNR and Cherry Street Station, The capital of Connecticut’s live metal scene. OFNR’s founder and former CEO, Knob, recalls it’s origin:
“I was first introduced to Cherry Street by Eric Morton of Curse of Her Flesh. He invited me out to a show he was doing. I went, I fell in love. I just kept going back. On 10/1/2011, the Day after OFNR’s 5 Year Showcase, Mouse of RAIL Put together a show featuring Darkness Descends and StaggerOFNR was on hand to broadcast the show live.  We did it once, it was a no brainer to continue doing so. The sound quality is great, the atmosphere is always welcoming.  Dennis and the gang always treat us well.  In the New Year, we’d love to work with more venues doing the same.” 
OFNR is a perfect example of where radio is going and should be. In a world of constant technological growths, people are looking for alternatives to the product pushing television networks and local terrestrial radio stations where their content is dictated by share holders and the minority of the population that is easily offended. We see advertising everywhere we look and independent internet radio, like OFNR, provides a break in that consumer state of mind an offers honest entertaining broadcasts.

About the author

Agrippa is a the general adviser, internet tech sorcerer, and a reporter for the Metal Cyndicate of Connecticut, as well as the author of his own blog about music and music production, Agrippa: Thought Manifest. He can also be found fronting his own band, Agrippa93, on vocals, synths, sequencers, samples, and piano. Agrippa also has an industrial solo project called, Agrippa’s Laboratory. Both projects are produced through his label and studio, Sickle Pation. You can follow him on twitter via @agrippa93, or email at