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APOSTASY – Definition:

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Apostasy (pron.: /A’postasi/; Greek: apostasia’ a defection or revolt’, from ,  apo, ‘away, apart’, stasia, stasis, ‘stand, ‘standing’) is the formal disaffiliation from or  abandonment or renunciation of a religion by a person. One who commits apostasy (or who apostatises) is known as an apostate. The term apostasy is used by sociologists to  mean renunciation and criticism of, or opposition to, a person’s former religion, in a  technical sense and without pejorative connotation.

APOSTASY – Band References;

(This review is about the band “APOSTASY” residing in North Haven/North Branford, CT. US and should not be confused with the following existing or split up bands under the same name)

  1. APOSTASY (Sweden), a melodic black/death metal band. Released “Cell 666” in 2004  and “Devilution” in 2005. Despite the guitarist’s murder in 2006, the band is still active.  They released “Nuclear Messiah” in 2011.
  2. APOSTASY (Norway), a symphonic black metal band featuring members of “Carpathian Forest” and “Opus Forgotten”. They released two EP’s: Mournful Heaven EP (1998) & Autumn  Heart (2002).
  3. APOSTASY (Canada),  French Canadian death metal band featuring a member of “Despised Icon”. Who released the album “Dernières Louanges” in 2002.
  4. APOSTASY (Chile), a short-lived thrash metal band that released one Demo “Fraud in  the name of God” (1990) and one album “Sunset of the End” (1991).
  5. APOSTASY (U.S.A) – Thrash Metal from Wichita, Kansas
  6. APOSTASY (U.S.A) – Death/Black Metal from Tampa, Florida
  7. APOSTASY (U.S.A) – Death Metal from New Orleans, Louisiana
  8. APOSTASY (U.S.A)  –  Christian Black’ Metal from Pueblo, Colorado (One of first  “Unblack” metal bands.)

 Band Info –

Apostasy are an ” Extreme Metal  band” formed in Southern Connecticut, December 1, 2002.

Under the direction of “Local Metal Mastermind” “Ryan Early”, the group has been armed with the vision of creating music using  a wide variety of influences across many genres. Since their inception the band has gone through many lineup changes, names and have released a number of demos and EPs including the infamous “Black Winter”  demo.

Apostasy’s sound can be compared to that of bands as varied in style as :


Song topics mostly tend to center around Cataclysmic Events, Armageddon, War,  Conspiracies, Violence, Religion, and Perversion  to name a few.

Apostasy were formally known under the previous monikers – “HOLLOW POINT”, “CORPORAL DOWNFALL” and “NECROSIS”

APOSTASY Members Are :

  •  Ryan Early – Vocals
  •  John Deangelo – Guitars
  •  Brian Maler – Guitars
  •  Will O’Hara – Bass
  •  Rob (Mouse Man) Brown – Drums

 2012 – Full Length CD  –  “An Empire Will Rise”  – Track Listing:

  1. Abandon All Hope (Intro – Instrumental)
  2. Fire Everything! (3:36)
  3. Lesson Learned (3:02)
  4.  The Conjuration Of The Red Pyramid (1:53)
  5. Volkermord (3:24)
  6. Descent (1:40) (Instrumental)
  7. The Tunguska Phenomenon (5:35)
  8. An Empire Will Rise (3:26)
  9. Dig Up Her Bones (2:50) – (Misfits Cover)

** Additional Vocals On “Volkermord” Provided By “Danielle Antolini”

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered By : Tyler Maynard

@ Union Productions

 Produced By – Tyler Maynard and Apostasy

 CD Cover Art And Layout By – Ryan Early


 CD Baby  – www.cdbaby.com/cd/apostasy2


 CD Review

 “An Empire Will Rise”

To be honest its surprising that I haven’t known the guys in Apostasy for very long. Taking into consideration that they’ve been kicking around the Connecticut metal scene for over 10 years now and myself being involved with assorted local Metal projects during that time frame,  You would think that I should have run into them a bit sooner. Of course I’ve known “Mouse Man” for several years now, but he’s only been drumming with Apostasy for a short time and of course, has not appeared on any of their recordings. . As with many of the bands I have been Introduced to, or have discovered even existed during my tenure doing Local internet radio broadcasts, Apostasy would have to be, in my opinion, a very good candidate as one of CT’s best kept secrets.

 Apostasy, (to myself anyway) have seemed to come from out of nowhere within the last year and a half. One Monday night  “Knob” at OFNR  handed me a demo disk before one of our “Nation Of Decimation” broadcasts containing 4 songs and said “Here Check This Out”. Like everything I do, I have a tendency to be a little impatient,  like a kid just getting back from the toy store. I want to play now!!! In this respect I wanted to play the CD now. So naturally I was anxious to listen to it the moment I got in the door at home. The second I heard their tune “God Crusher” the decision was made to immediately put the demo into our weekly radio show rotation, I needed to get out to see them live and over time I had the chance to mingle with Ryan and the guys in the band and get to know them a bit better. They are really cool dudes by the way. Naturally the next phase was looking forward to a full length album. After a short wait I  finally received a copy of “An Empire Will Rise” from Ryan to do this review. Unfortunately it took me a little longer than I expected to get this out. But then again we all experience life’s trials from time to time don’t we?  So… Without further adieu, lets check it out!!

CD Cover and Packaging

Taking A gander at the new Apostasy CD reveals a very nice, streamlined, professional cover and  solid packaging.

At first glance especially from a foot away or more, one could think there’s a frog on the cover. Maybe even a rodent carcass over a crescent moon. Anybody familiar with an “Inkblot Test” could interpret seeing any multitude of images. I’m sure there are plenty of headshrinkers out there that could tell you what kind of person you are by what you might see there. I can tell you for certain that its a “A”.  A – For Apostasy over a brownish marbled background canvas. A very clean simple approach without actually putting a full band logo name across the top. I love this because it gives the CD a unique touch of class and mystique. You want to pick it up and investigate it just because you wanna know what the image means and who its by. Neither is too blatant or obvious. A truly brilliant eye catching approach, as most people tend to be attracted to things that are simple, unique and different from anything else. What exactly is on the cover other than an A for Apostasy? Not sure.. You can always ask “Ryan” who not only sings lead vocals for the band among other duties therein, but designed the cover as well. Maybe, It is Just an A…  Inside includes lyrics for tracks 2- 5 and 7- 8 over live band performance photos  blended into that same brownish marbled background. Back of the booklet includes a full band photo, liner notes and thanks to many of CT’s local underground metal bands, supporters and family members. (Thanks For The Shutout guys \m/\m/) The Cd itself has the Full band name logo as well as title. Take the cd out to view the Inlay, an image of “The State of Connecticut” flag complete with the statement “#BRINGBACKTHEWOLF”.  and finally the back is standard affair listing tracks, barcode etcetera. Very nice, very pro looking!!!

Ok.. So What about the songs you ask? Lets check em out!!!

The Songs:

01) – “Abandon All Hope” gets the CD’s  festivities started as a layered keyboard Instrumental running behind Is the voice of a desperate man, giving the little idea of the meaning of Apostasy sort of. Ending with the proclamation “The end is a near!!!!

02) – From the very first line “I am the bomb that will start the war” off Track # 2 “Fire Everything” the listener will be quick to realize that “Ryan” probably won’t be singing much about things like little ponies or rainbows. Well at least not about ones fully intact, free of heavy hemorrhaging and/or smoldering  “Fire Everything” is an… angry song to put it mildly, including such references as  “Breaking the bones of humanity”, “Defaced, disfigured and forgotten and “I will erase every last fucking trace of you”. I can honestly assure you these are not the topics covered on your little sisters newest “Justin Bieber” CD. “Fire Everything” is definitely headbanger worthy regardless . Good stuff!!

03) – Lesson Learned – is easily one one of my favorite songs on this CD. Why? Because it can be considered the most offensive to some stuffy overly perfect people that don’t get that its just “a song”. Read the lyrics to see what I mean. That’s a good enough reason right there, but then again the music is pretty good as well. The rhythms has a kind of  Rob Zombie-ish  feel to it, with moments of hardcore gang-vocal flavors intertwining Ryans 2 style death/black metal vocals approach. There are some pretty good guitar runs and noodling throughout as well.

 04) – Looking for a good pit song to go apeshit to? Maybe some tunage to help you break stuff at home? “The Conjuration Of The Red Pyramid” definitely can get grandma and her friends flying through the air should you decide to crash their tea party !!! I wish it was A little longer though. Only coming in at under 2 mins. More destruction could have been achieved had it been a bit longer. Great stuff never the less!!!

 05) – Volkermord is another trashtastic tune to mosh too!! The only song off their 2011 – 4 song demo to receive a remix / re-record. Complete with female backing vocals provided by a friend of the band – “Danielle Antolini”. The Result? Outstanding!! Great improvements all around!!

 06) – “Descent” seems at least to myself to be a bit of a intermission piece. You Know, to get you ready for more pummeling on the next track. Strangely enough it does have a feeling of beauty to it, as well as leaving the feeling that the listener is drifting downward. Hence the name “Descent” Good stuff..

07) – What would a metal album coming out within the last few years be without a song about the apocalypse?  The Tunguska Phenomenon covers that here no problem. This one starting “At The Turn Of The Century In The Hills Of Siberia” and “Everything You’ve Ever Known Ignites In A Column Of Flame”. Another rippin’ tune full of flurries of Death Metal moshiness plus really good descriptive lyrics. Love it!!! \m/\m/

08) – Continuing the pillaging is the albums title track “An Empire Will Rise” A nice fast tempo dity about tyrants taking over the world destroying  puritan rule. Sounds metal to me. Excellent!!

09) – I’ve seen Apostasy live many, many times and there had been rumours that one of a few covers their known to do, were being considered for this very CD. The one they chose? “Dig Up Her Bones” by The Misfits (the other possibility, I believe, was “Pet Cemetery” by The Ramones) “Dig Up Her Bones” appeared on “The Misfits” 1997 album “American Psycho”. “Did Danzig sing on this one?” Many of you may have asked. The Answer….No, Glenn Danzig did not appear on the original version of “Dig Up Her Bones” as he left the band back in 1983, 14 years earlier. “Dig Up Her Bones” featured the line up of Jerry Only, Michael Graves, Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein and Dr. Chud. Good tune and I’m a big Misfits fan. So how did Apostasy’s version turn out? Awesome! They did a really good job on it and definitely did the song some justice. Flashing the Metal hornz as we speak!!! \m/\m/  Nice way to close out the album!!!

Final Thought In the End….

 I really enjoyed listening to Apostasy’s newest CD, “An Empire Will Rise”, and would definitely recommend it to any and all Metal Heads!

 I do have a few thoughts that I believe would have made the CD even better though….

 01) – There are virtually no guitar solos. I like what the guitars are doing throughout riff wise, but without any solo’s I feel the band becomes more of an an afterthought to the vocals etc. (Plus I enjoy a good guitar solo once in awhile).

 02) – The bassist follows too closely to what the guitars are doing. Therefore you can never really hear a bass in the mix. A few times a bass flurry is heard, but it’s barely loud enough to make out. If you have read any of my previous reviews then you know I like to hear the bass player in the mix, especially if he does more than just play a note or two throughout the song.

 03) – Drums sound too perfect – inhuman sounding (mechanical – drum machine). I know early on Apostasy used drum machines, however, whenever I’ve seen them live, the band had a real drummer on stage and sounded fantastic. Not sure if a human is drumming on here. Don’t get me wrong, It doesn’t harm the songs by any means or make them any less brutal. I just would love to hear more drum rolls and feel.

 All in all “An Empire Will Rise” by Connecticut, local, independent, underground, metal band “Apostasy”, was and still is quite Metal and entertaining. I am definitely looking forward to future releases as they will probably take up the majority of my CD player space as this one and the 2011 demo have so far.

 Make it a point to get out and see the guys in “Apostasy”  live ASAP. Have a blast and enjoy yourself. You won’t be disappointed, I promise you. Hell, tell em “The Bagman” sent ya I’m sure they’ll appreciate that!!

 Stay Metal and always support the underground independents, people!!!

 Thanks For Reading….


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