Continuum – Rise and Fall

Continuum – Definition:

Continuum (measurement), anything that goes through a gradual transition from one condition, to a different condition, without any abrupt changes. (Provided by Wikipedia)

Continuum – The Band

Oh yes. What can you say about Continuum? Quoting A question “Bob Marino” Of OFNR, Ponders on the bands facebook band page, As well as his ( Official Web Site:

“What happens when you enclose Schmoove Jazz & Orchestrated Chaos into a reactor?”

I can answer that In one word…. Continuum……

5 local Servants Of Metal, but damn do they ever pack a punch for an ensemble that is considered one of the top 10 best jazz bands In Connecticut, according to The Advocate Readers Poll. Not bad for a band that has in its ranks former members of local Ct bands, Tyrant Trooper, Slumlord, Lost Soul, Fogg,  and Distorted Aggression; Many a group that were quite thundering in their own rights.

If that’s not metal enough for you, how about singer Brenda being with child throughout the recording process of this very CD, as well as performing live shows quite frequently, only to deliver said child (quite possibly the next Metal Messiah) on June 16th 2012 – Almost a month before the finished CD was pressed into units on July 13th, 2012.

Continuum are:

  • Brenda St. Amant – Vocals
  • Brian Reilly – Guitar
  • Jason Niezgorski – Guitar
  • Tony Mica – Bass
  • Darrin Yardley – Drums

2012 – Full Length CD – “Rise and Fall” Track Listing:

  8. MAN UP

CD available now at:

Ear 1 Producstions on October 26th 2012

The official album release date is on October 26, 2012 for the CD release party at Cook’s Cafe in Naugatuck, CT.

Ok. So, I have this solid CD covered in cellophane (or whatever plastic they use now) glaring at me. Lets check this friggin’ thing out already!!

CD Cover and Packaging:

I really enjoy browsing through solid (in the palm of my hand) CD packaging, which is, not surprisingly, in an ever increasing decline as we go about our mp3 convenient world – Album artwork, glossy glare, the works!! Top notch job here! Emblazed across the cover is a scene of post apocalyptic ruins, red glare and mists of oranges reds and yellows. Yet the Capitol Building (most likely the one in Washington D.C.), prominently fixed in the background, somehow seems unscathed, as if to tell the listener something of what maybe to come? Something to get ya thinking about anyway.

Wow!! This is very cool – lyrics and photos of each member in action. The works!! All very nicely printed on a super glossy finish. Very, very cool.

Pop in the disc and one immediately realizes this just might be unlike any “Schmoove Jazz” you have ever heard before. They just might be onto something here…(wink)

I Really Dig Love Songs….

(01 – Waters Rising) Filled with anchors, drowning and bloating glazed eyes, with maybe just a little bit of narcissism on both characters parts in the story. Unleashing the fury right off the bat, with cutting vocals courtesy of Brenda St. Amant that would give any male or female growler on the planet a true run for their money. Not to mention, the accompaniment of blistering guitar madness provided by lead guitar duo Brian Reilly and Jason Niezgorski and one of the nastiest rhythms sections around. Bolted down by bassist Tony Mica and blast beat craftsman Darrin Yardley on drums”. Clocking in at 4:09 minutes, I think its best to adjust your seat belts at this time. Before you move on, that is.

Reckoning (02 – RECKONING) as with many of Continuum’s tracks, you will tend to notice that not only can Brenda peel skin off a carcass with her guttural angst, she can also “sing” with melody and harmony. In my opinion not unlike the stylings of “DRAIN sth” or dare I say…..”Alice In Chains”

Never the less the chorus is, damn catchy. “I Cannot wait”…..For You To Find Out… Nice guitar chugs throughout. The song is basically about coming out on top, even if, In scattered little pieces. From what I gather… killer stuff!!!!

(03 – DEAD TO ME) quite simply invites you to get in the pit!! A fast moving and totally unapologetic ditty about a lack of communication and un-cared for abandonment topped off with a resulting effect of morbid content. Cool mix of changes and shredding all around.

The next track (04 – PRO ACTIVITY) is another sonic assault on the senses – A barn burner if you will – about standing up and fighting for change. Easily the fastest moving tune on the album. Prepare well…with riot gear..

(05 – FASTER RUN) has more clean singing than most of the songs found here, which is definitely pretty cool. The Story?… Could be about animal lust if you think about it. “Are you tuff enough”, “Can you get it up?” sounds about right… Guns cocked and loaded…Yes…Me thinks so… Catchy tune for sure… Embrace it.

“Rise And Fall (the album) has no shortage of intensity from start to finish. You say you want intensity? (06 – BLEED US DRY) will deliver. With Maiden-esque noodling throughout the swirling chaos, bleeding (no pun Intended) with Egyptian style fret burning solos and off the wall speed drumming. It tells a tale of a sinful, controlling hierarchy that cannot be counted on and the drama that ensues. Headbanger worthy to the maximum!

Who’s in the mood for a “ballad”? Tuff tits!! Continuum guitarist, Brian Reilly, would probably open up your head and eat your brains at the mere thought of it. Still, Continuum bring it down a bit for a short, short time. If there was a song off “RISE AND FALL” I could actually see being a mainstream radio hit, (like, In This Moment, All That Remains, or even Otep), (07 – EMBERS) could technically be it, given the guys and lady (of course), agree to redo the songs in such a way that the faster parts were sung and not so ferociously impaling (I wouldn’t change it either). Something tells me it would be Brenda that would open up your head and eat your brains at the mere mention. Then, without warning, they kick it up again and this tune pins you up against the seat all over again. The song? Its about pyromania. That’s right.. and “Kill Kill Kill” and DIE, DIE, DIE!!! Easily one of my favorites on this blistering disc.

When vocalist, Brenda St. Amant, tells you, “You better man up.”, you better (08 – MAN UP). Fighting and fighting fear are the topic of this song, as it opens with its unique smooth Jazz build up. (This must be what Knob from OFNR’s been hinting about) only to snap your spine with its sudden flurry of brutality. You could get exhausted just listening to The multitude of drum swirls (If you could imagine yourself playing that fast for that long. That, being of course, that you drum in the first place.. I guess). Damn, Darrin Yardley is a true beacon of dexterity. Wow!

09 – RISE AND FALL is not only the closing track, but as you might take note. It is, after all the title track for the CD As well. Although it is the final track, it doesn’t go out on a lite note. That’s for sure. The “Rise And Fall” of humanity is the subject here. No holds barred, sheer brutality!!! Get into the pit!!!


Final Thoughts:

There has been much discussion and controversy in the local Metal scene populous  geared toward recording studios and their ability to put out fine quality products with the bands’ best interest in mind. I’m not interested in getting into any of that controversy here. My opinion is just as everyone elses is: different. I really did enjoy “Rise And Fall”. I had no problem listening and hearing all that the band was offering instrumentally and vocally – A thrill ride from start to finish. I really look forward to future releases from Continuum. I just cranked up the bass on the my speakers and rocked out. Plain and simple: Continuum should be proud of what they accomplished here. By now, granted you have listened to the whole album, your ear drums should resemble the cover of this very album. Asses have been and will continue to be… kicked!!!

One More Final Thought:

Mainstream radio should get their head out of there asses once and for all and play music by the many that can be considered “The Visions Of Tomorrow” ( You never know who will be the next big thing). Not Unlike any monster song off “RISE AND FALL” (not to mention so many other great underground band’s CD’s and tunes), instead of over glorifying the bands that have already made it and made their mark time and time again.

Get out and see “Continuum” at their next gig, with a mix of “We write what we want to hear” (band quote) and dabbles of “Shredding your face off live” as well as local scene camaraderie. Go have a couple of shots with them. I’m sure they wont mind.


Thanks For Reading….


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