Priapism – Prey, Pay, Obey

Priapism – Definition:
Priapism (praɪəpɪzəm – ) is a potentially painful medical condition, in which the erect penis or clitoris does not return to its flaccid state, despite the absence of both physical and psychological stimulation, within four hours. There are two types of priapism: low-flow and high-flow; 80% to 90% of clinically presented priapisms are low flow disorders. Low-flow involves the blood not adequately returning to the body from the organ. High-flow involves a short-circuit of the vascular system partway along the organ. Treatment is different for each type. Priapism is considered a medical emergency, which should receive proper treatment by a qualified medical practitioner. Early treatment can be beneficial for a functional recovery. The duration of a normal erection before it is classifiable as priapism is still controversial. Ongoing penile erections for more than 6 hours can be classified as priapism. (Provided By Wikipedia)

Priapism – The Band:
Priapism, are a 4 piece band formed in the year 2000 and hail from New Haven Ct. Self described as a “Party Hard, Love To Party” Metal group, their Music can be slightly compared to that of A type Of Death Metal/Progressive Death Core Band.

Longing to be different and sick and tired of the traditional 4×4 time bullshit of many of todays other Metal bands. Priapism set themselves apart by pushing the boundaries of Heavy Metal. The band’s music is best described by guitarist Mike Schick as “Give groove for the people who are musicians, technicality for the true musicians, and find a way to combine the two, to have everybody interested simultaneously”. Add in Aggressive raw vocals, dazzling double bass and drum work, searing guitar fret work and wild bass rumblings and you have Priapism (the band) Basically, in a nut shell..

Priapism are:

  • PAUL MARAK – Vocals
  • MIKE SCHICK – Guitar
  • MIKE SCHUPP – Bass

2012 – Full Length CD – “Prey, Pay, Obay” Track Listing

  5. …AFTER

** All bass on “Prey, Pay, Obey” provided by Chad “Chud’ Rodriguez.
Produced And Engineered/Mixed By Joe Cincotta
@ Full Force Studios, Long Island Ny
Executive Producer – Mike Livingston
Cd Layout And Design – Jay Reason
Cover Art – Anthony Plaza

CD available now at:



Ear One Productions

 CD Review :

I’ve known the guys in Priapism for quite some time. So I really can’t find the words to describe what an honor it was for “Agrippa” of “The Metal Cyndacate” to offer me the distinction of doing a review on this new Cd.

Priapism – Prey, Pay, Obey.

This is the second Cd Review I was asked to write in the past couple of months!! This will be my first for “The Metal Cyndicate” Returning me too fond memories of about 10 years ago when I was running a web page that was a precursor to (the all but dead bigwigs) myspace. was the name (Not The Band From Poland). I had built up quite an impressive collection of bands (Over a couple hundred at last count) that I did Album reviews for. The site also featured show dates and each band had their own bio pages etc. Since starting up broadcasting a weekly radio show a few years ago focusing on Independent Underground Metal, I have had many awesome opportunities to do interviews with some truly terrific bands live on the air. Priapism was one of these bands…. Featured On “THE BAGMANS NATION OF DECIMATION” NOV 7th, 2011 On Official FN That broadcast was and still remains one of the best and most chaotic shows I’ve ever been apart of… Never the less lets review this bitch…..

CD Cover and Packaging
At first glance the Cd artwork is really impressive!!! Created by Anthony Plaza of Transcend Tattoo out of Branford, Connecticut. It Features A striking scene centralizing a church with many symbols of corruption, greed, death and destruction all outlined in a devilish red/pink florescence. The Back? More Art work symbolizing the same idea as the front set on a more rustic tan background. Just by the cover alone you really cant help wanting to open it up and see whats inside. What’s inside? You ask….The Booklet comes complete with lyrics which is always awesome. Band photo and of course shout outs to many bands from the “Connecticut Metal Scene” among others (Thanks for The OFNR SHOUT Guys!!! \m/\m/)  Pop the Cd in and  you get probably the best representation of music and chops ever heard in Priapism’s 10+ year career!!!!

The Songs:
Right off the bat the beatings begin with the opening track (01 – PETRIFIED GREED) – Lyrics Like “Taking us down, this nation’s ripped apart and cant be saved at all, Our money deficit has stripped us of our goals” Are just a morsel of a song surely written about the band members distaste for our government, with oil prices the way they are and unemployment ever increasing. One of the definite highlights of “Petrified Greed” are the spastic highs Mike is able to summon from his axe. A most definite nod to what “Dimebag Darrell” had done on many of his solos with “Pantera” and “Damage Plan”…… Of course When he was still alive. There are some solid reports that the band are currently putting finishing touches to and plan on releasing a music video for this song sometime in the near, near future.

(02 – RESET OR CEASE) The next track on “Prey,Pay,Obey” opens with a creepy, echoing piece that kind reminds me of something “Les Claypool” of “Primus” would do if he played A guitar..Sweet!! The tune then proceeds to shift in every and any direction it so desires. With a multitude of tempo changes and sheer hostility, I almost felt like I was stuck In an amusement park-bumper car ride,  going at hyper speed. Nasty Stuff!!! Lyrically Pissed… The song’s theme compares to that of rebooting life because there is no future, or if not, just letting it all die. One of my faves, Progressive as hell, low and constantly shifting.  Just plain Sick!!!

The next musical thrill ride (03 – BROKEN BELIEFS) is a very memorable one as well. Truly one of vocalist “Paul Marak’s” finest moments on the CD. Seeming so effortless. The Lyrical Theme Is a positive one. About staying true even through a dark troubled past to keep ones sanity. Mike The Guitarist Has Quite a few tasty solos on this track. Drummer Alani shines from start to finish on this entire Disc!!! But I have to say this is one of my favorite’s due to the technical finesse he shows On this particular song. Very technical tune. Very, Very Cool!!!!

The next track (04 – BREEDING OUR DEMISE) is probably the closest thing to straight ahead Death Metal that the listener is going to get from Priapism period..Lyrically it covers just about everything that going wrong in the world. Drums are immense and the tempos change a little less than the majority of the album. Not that that’s a bad thing since it still crushes skulls!!!

Now comes 3 minutes to mind fuck you a bit….(05 – …AFTER) Is it a ballad? LOL…Probably not.. It is an instrumental That’s for certain. Complete with rain and a thunderstorm in the background, it does have a feeling of something Tool would do. I Guess its just a meant to give your ears a chance to recover before the pummeling continues. It is Never the less cool as shit!!!!

Trying to drive a car at a reasonably safe speed and manner, is not what I would call an easy task while listening to the next track (06 – DEADLEST SIN). As I found out at first listen. It could be due to the fact that the band increases from slow to fast at each beginning of the verses. Kinda like driving 65 then up to 85 then back down to 65 only to realize your going 85-90 again, Only to have the song go double the speed after that!!! Seriously Crazy Shit!!!! Lyrically there’s  a bit of religion and a ton of hate. Killer tune. Just be careful if you listen to it in a car and don’t want a ticket for speeding or reckless driving. Me? No I was lucky I think The Cops were changing shifts at the time.. Around midnight or something like that….Nice!!! \m/\m/

The perfect song to take out a shit ton of the terrorists with!!!! (07 – AMBUSH) The bands second instrumental offering begins nicely, with a arsenal of beefy gun fire and shell chings, then on into a flurried double bass march. Complete with a souring guitar solo that reminds me of what it might sound like if Jimi Hendrix jammed with Meshuggah. Yeah it Really Has That feel.. No Kidding!!! Not to mention it Just makes you wanna kill something by the simple fact of listening to it.

Album Producer and Engineer – Joe Cincotta makes one of two guest appearances on the album here with a bass solo (at 1:05 in)

Ahhhh….SLAYER!!!! Nah Just kidding….(08 – DESTINED TO FAIL) Does Have A Nice Trash Feel To It That’s For Sure!!!! Lyrically Hostile…. Plain and simple.. Despair and revenge. Everything a Metal song should be.. Another one of my personal faves!!!!

I remember when it was very common to open up songs with an intro of some of the best Hollywood quotes ever, from many of our favorite films. It has been of late, a lost art. That being said, It is always a nice surprise to see a band use one on their album. Its A Nice Change up. This one being from the film “Gangs Of New York”. Quote Provided By Character “Bill The Butcher”!!!….(09 – FEARLESS) kicks in at full speed and is easily one of the fastest moving song on the CD. It is also probably the most aggressive vocal delivery on the disc as well. With lines like – ” Lacerate Me, For I Don’t Feel No Pain, Wont Walk Away, I Am Here To Stay” Marak commands you to listen…… And you will !!!  If Alani hasn’t gotten your attention by now with his drumming wizardry, – and I don’t see how that could possibly be…. This will straighten you out for sure. One of his defining moments on the whole collection. Mike’s Drop guitar Squeals Make This, one of the nastiest tracks of them all!!!!

(10 – SACRIFICE) is the final song on the album. And does Priapism ever go out with a bang!!! This song opens up sounding like TOOL after taking a truckload of LSD. Then not to out due themselves, drinking a case of “RED BULL”. This song flies full speed ahead!!!! Visions of Paul Marak prowling around on stage looking for a knife are most certainly to be expected. Pure hatred!!! Another thrash fest perfect to tear some shit up in the pit at live shows to. Album Producer/Engineer – Joe Cincotta makes his second of two appearances on this album, here by playing the closing riff….  Devastating!!!! \m/\m/

Final Thoughts:
If I were to find anything at all unsatisfactory with “Pay, Prey, Obey”, I guess I would have liked to have heard the bass a little more clearly. I have seen the band live many, many times and have seen “Chad “CHUD” Rodriguez going nuts on the bass at assorted times as well…. I would love to have heard more of what he’s doing on a studio recording. Don’t get me wrong. There are times when you can almost hear him show some dazzle. The low end on all the songs definitely sounds great though.

What can I say that I haven’t already? Go get this album!! Its the perfect sound track to the apocalypse!! If you like your metal simple with the basic verse-chorus-verse blue print layouts, don’t bother with this epic raging boner, or as the band have a tendency to reference themselves as  “The Cock…. That Wont Stop!!!” If you like your metal pissed, meaty, progressive as shit And technically mesmerizing. This disc is definitely for you….. PRIAPISM – PREY,PAY, OBEY get your copy now!!!!!! There’s really no excuse……..unless you have a really bad case of  hulseyism….then….point it straight up and salute!!!!!

Thanks for reading….


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