She Walks Without Legs – Within The Ashes (Single)

She Walks Without Legs – CD Single – “Within the Ashes” + B-Side – “Checkmate (Remastered)”

She Walks Without Legs – Definition:

Ask Aaron (Lead Vocals), He’ll tell you the story behind the name. Its truly a unique and emotional tale I must say.

She Walk Without Legs – The Band

She Walks Without Legs formed in 2009 in Andover Ct. with the ultimate goal of creating music that would separate them from other metal acts.

Its hard to plainly categorize them, as they have many styles and influences. Some of these include – Death Metal, Black Metal, Power and Thrash Metal and Hardcore. (Decide for yourself.)

Continuously performing live local shows throughout CT, Mass and NY, She Walks Without Legs has been steadily gaining quite a fan base for themselves in the area.

December 31st. 2011/January 1st, 2012 is considered by A few (Myself included) to be a interesting turning point in the bands career: The Infamous “Live New Years Show at Cherry Street Station Wallingford Ct”.

On This particular night, every single other band on the bill dropped off last minute or within days of, leaving She Walks Without Legs as the sole act of the evening. Armed with only a 45 min set and a “show must go on” attitude, the band proceeded to decimate anyone and everyone lucky enough to be within earshot. Making It a truly memorable “New Years Eve” for those fortunate to be in attendance. Not to mention garnering the band lots of additional respect from the Connecticut Metal community

As 2012 progressed, She Walks Without Legs pushed forward appearing on many higher profile Live shows throughout CT and Mass. Most notably, Their second appearance at The “Metalympics” battle of the bands event in Springfield Mass, as well as competing for the  lone open slot on “The Rockstar Energy Mayhem Fest”s 2nd stage (Hartford CT. Stop) Competition at the “Webster Theater” In Hartford CT. Unfortunately the band didn’t win either competition but they still managed to get some really valuable exposier, they may not of otherwise been able to.

She Walks Without Legs can be found most often playing live at “Cherry Street Station” in Wallingford Ct.

(Just In Case You Didn’t Know……. – Aaron Freeman fronted popular local metal band “Pullout Method” Before Co-forming She Walks Without Legs)

She Walks Without Legs are:

Aaron Freeman – Vocals

Keith Pearson – Guitar, Backing Vocals

Jordan Parsons – Bass

Eric Valad – Rhythm Guitar

Frank Behan II – Drums

2012 – “Within The Ashes” CD Single + B-Side – Track Listing:

01 – Under The Ashes

02 – Checkmate (Remastered)

CD available now at: Itunes and Cd Baby

CD Review

Within the Ashes……..

I guess it would be fair to consider my relationship with the guys of She Walks Without Legs to be pretty friendly. (I wont give them any erotic special favors or anything. – “Sorry guys I know at least one of you might have been hoping”. NOT LOL.)  So when they asked me to review their new single “Within The Ashes” as well as the B-side remastered “Checkmate” I considered it a true honor and will do my best to give it the review it deserves. So here it goes!!!!

CD Cover and Packaging

The copy I recieved was a hand out – typical lightscribe affair, using many of the band’s currant logo material over a green colored CD. I’m assuming that there are different cd colors that were given out to those lucky enough to get a hard CD copy.

The cover shown on iTunes and CD Baby is of a female statue’s face from her upper lip up with deep cracks across the upper nose and mouth. The bands name is in double type with large all capital letters and smaller type inside undernieth. The title is almost the same without the double type smaller letters included.

– Update

The cover now shows a burning campfire with a burning doll on top… Same letters and placement.

Pretty Cool To have some new material in my hand!!!! Finally!!!! Ok….Lets dive in!!!!

The Songs:

01 – Within the Ashes

With “Within The Ashes”, vocalist Aaron Commands you to burn!! By the sounds of it I think he really means it too!!! Coming in at a blistering 6 min 23 sec and musically/progressively changing direction no less than 10 times. Keith and Eric trading off riffs as the rhythm section of Jordan and Frank lay down the nasty. Its utterly angst ridden! Covering so many diversified styles from Black and Death Metal riffing to the part where the guitars and drums (dare I say it?) seem to be setting up for a western gun fight, (just my opinion) to the straight out mow down double bass attack during the chorus (ie – “I WANT YOU TO BURN!!!”) Easily one of my She Walks Without Legs song faves. Check it out. You wont be disappointed. Better yet get yourself a copy and go see the band live to get the ultimate effect!!!!


An already excellent song gets a bit of a sound adjustment here. Anyone that knows or has seen these guys live by now should be familiar with “Checkmate” Good stuff. Its hard to believe these guys are so angry musical and vocally. You’d never know it by just hanging out with them. Lol.

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In the End…

After sometime waiting for a new release from She Walks Without Legs the result was pretty damn cool and very unique. It is very rare for independent underground metal bands to release CD singles in a world of EP’s And full length albums. Being a musician myself, I can understand the thought process and end resulting thrill involved with writing and recorded as many songs as possible to release on a CD. I also understand and can relate that it can be quite a costly affair when bands have to settle with the DIY production approach instead of the endless options they would have with mega studio and record company support. I like the CD single approach because in this economy its harder than ever to furnish a full length CD to get out to the fans. But at least this way the fans don’t have to wait too long to hear and buy some new material. Major props here!!!

As usual, I really don’t like to find any low points to any CD review I do, unless its just plain awful. That is certainly not the case here by any means. I do have a few things I would have liked better though. Maybe a little more attention towards the production end of things . I would have liked to hear the bass clearer on both tracks. “Checkmate” had a better bass volume over all,  than “Within The Ashes”. Maybe take some of the muddiness out of “Checkmate” as well. Most of all I think the CD would benefit from a equal mastering of both songs together so they match in levels and so on.

Never the less the She Walks Without Legs CD Single – “Within The Ashes” including the B-Side – “Checkmate (Remastered)” will continue to tide me over, priming all of She Walks Without Legs fans for a possible full length release expected (maybe) by mid 2013!!!!

Final Thought

Go get your copy of this CD And “Rock Out With Your Cock Out” If you dont have a cock well… You’ll figure something out…… Go see She Walks Without Legs Live!!! Tell em “THE BAGMAN” sent ya!!!! Im sure they will appreciate that!!!!!

Thanks For Reading….


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