Winter: If You Book It, They Will Come (from Alternative Control)

by  of Alternative Control on September 1, 2012

I’ll admit it: when it comes to black metal, I don’t know my ass from my arm gauntlet.  I listened to an Agalloch song one time, and spent aVital Remains show in the parking lot having a heated discussion with some dude.  (Is Vital Remains even a black metal band?  Or do they just wear spikes?)  But when I saw that a giant festival with an awesome name was happening in our state — and Mortifica, a band we just featured in our music section, was playing it, along with Stamford’s own Infernal Solstice — I knew that Alternative Control had to get the scoop.  And Benjamin Hapgood, a.k.a Morg, of booking company The Legion was happy to talk to us about Winter is Coming Fest 2012, at the El n Gee in New London from 10/12-10/14.  [Read more]